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September 22, 2010


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The LSU poster is the weakest looking poster of them all...lol...I guess since they are all out of work they have more time to get on and vote.


I think that the Auburn fan "Tater Blade" is a typical Auburn dedicated fan, reason being I had the pleasure of working for a Boss for 5 years that was and still is a diehard "War Eagle" let's let the team's decide who is the best not all these derogatory comments yall. I am and always will be an "LSU" fan but I respect the other fans alliance's all I did was sneak into my office on a weekend and paint it Purple and Gold hehehehe it was an awesome way to state my alliance to my team. GEAUX LSU TIGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!


Warrr Eagle. ESPN travels to campuses all over the country and to quote them: "It's been awesome," Andrews said. "I came once for a game a couple of years ago when Auburn beat the Florida Gators, but this is my first time working a game here. I got to go out to dinner a couple of nights. The fans are great, the campus is beautiful, and I've gotten to see some of the facilities. I love it here."

ESPN correspondent Tom Rinaldi had nothing but praise for Auburn.

"Auburn might be the most charming campus, town, atmosphere and environment in all of the Southeast," Rinaldi said. "It's just a great mix of tradition, academic emphasis and football. If you have never been to Auburn, just walk down College. As you go past some of the shops and some of the restaurants and Toomers Corner, it's just a wonderful experience."


WWwaaar EEeagle DAMMIT

Adam Jenkins

Geaux Tiger's Geaux !!! LSU LSU LSU!!!



AU Fan

War Eagle Hey!!!!!

Ben Kelton

The posters are tight. Who ever designed them did a good job.


Why does both LSU and Auburn get the most ignorant among them to make posts on the internet. All of you need to grow up! Who
gives a damn about a stupid poster!


AUBURN enough said WDE

Tater Blade

The reactions of LSU fans says it all, what douchers!!! Also who said anything about me being an auburn fan? Just because I think AU has a better poster than LSWho? LSU fans just love to hate, I would too if I had to call Louisiana home.



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