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October 29, 2010


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Will Collier

Best in the business, and the legitimate heir to Keith Jackson. His being banished to mid-morning snooze-fests is proof that ESPN is the work of Satan.

Jay G.

Once again, in complete agreement with Will. Ron Franklin has no equal among working college football announcers/commentators. His exile from the prime-time SEC broadcasts was a travesty which has left us to endure the likes of Bob Davie.

pete s.

I agree 100% with the comments above. He is by far the best play by play person in college football. ESPN screwed up by putting Mike Patrick in for a few while; they should've brought Frankin back.


The Alpha and the Omega of play by play in college football.........


Of the current crop of college announcers, Ron Franklin is head and shoulders over everyone else. Brent Musburger is a distant second. The guys who hire talent at ESPN and Fox should be shot for their terrible choices.

Franklin never intrudes into a game, calls the down and distances, and does not let his partner prattle on about twaddle.


He was terrible during the Iowa-Michigan game. He mispronounced names (Adrian "Clayburn", Christian "Bu-lard") until someone corrected him during halftime. On at least three occasions, he said "We need to," instead of "Michigan needs to." Maybe that was just one game, but I can't say I approve of him after that performance.


The first 2 comments are right on the mark. Ron is the best in the business. I'd rather hear him call a game-any game in any sport-than endure Bob Davie. He is the worst. As someone said "His (Ron) being banished to mid-morning snooze-fests is proof that ESPN is the work of Satan." I could not agree more.

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