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October 25, 2010


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Will Collier

Speaking as a "Southeastern Conference fan," I'm happy to stand up and say that Verne sucks, and so does Gary Danielson. Verne is a clueless spout of hyperbole who doesn't deserve to be mentioned on the same page as either Keith Jackson or Ron Franklin. Continually mistaking volume for insight, Verne missed out on his real calling: infomercial pitch man--where he'd be much easier to ignore.

Besides the incessant commercials and pitches for bad TV shows, he's the worst thing about the SEC's ill-considered long-term contract with Can't Broadcast Sports.

Verne, you suck.

Jay G.

As an SEC fan, I was going to weigh in with my complete annoyance with the senile fool, but Will beat me to it and there's hardly anything I can add except that his unbounded Tebow-love was nausea-inducing. Even now, he can barely overcome his Tebow-Tourette's which caused him to mention Timmy every broadcast regardless of whether Florida was playing or not. That Verne and Gary are the best CBS can come up with for the SEC GotW is a sad statement on the network's sports capabilities.

Mike M

Verne, before he became a mouthpiece for the SEC and network sports, was the radio voice for the Dallas Cowboys. He was also the sports director for Channel 8 in Dallas (pre Dale Hanson) and was not nearly the over-the -top shrill he has become. I liked him a great deal in those days, now not so much.


I just realized why I dislike Lundquist & Danielson's broadcasts so much. It's not that they're biased - I can deal with hometown commentators, and actually they're more enjoyable than most. It's that Lundquist & Danielson are conference biased and are always trying to hype BOTH teams. Yes, Cam Newton and Auburn are spectacular on offense, but you can't claim LSU has a spectacular defense in the next sentence. This happens every play every Saturday, and it's just ridiculous.


Can't we clone ron franklin and have him call all college football games on tv??

Craig James

Wikipedia couldn't have said it better


Verne sucks; Danielson is okay...


Verne is anti SEC. How can one person be ignorant and have a high profile job like that. Ron Franklin please come to CBS!!

Murray Kesten

Verne is soooo bad. I tired of his unprofessional delivery. He spends so much time belittling the losing players. Give me a Chris Collingswoth type announcer. Thre has tobe some better.


I have listened to Verne for several years and have noticed over the last couple of years that he is missing more calls than he gets right. He constantly calls out wrong players and even called a play in Saturday's Bama/LSU game an interception when every person watching knew it wasn't. He has lost his ability to effectively do his job and should be replaced ASAP.

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