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November 28, 2010


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Oklahoma 10 and 12?
I think something is amiss.

The Wiz

Thanks for that, SC. Oklahoma State at No. 12.



Terrific graphic. Good stuff.

As to the BCS stuff, outside of Bristol, how can anyone with an once of gray matter argue this stuff? At 11-1, Boise State knocked off a likely champion from a BCS conference but won't get a BCS bowl bid. At 8-4, UConn will get a BCS bowl bid.

To recap: winning 67% of your games gets you a $13.5 million payday. Winning roughly 95% of your games gets you a $750k payday. How does that work again?

If the Guru's standings are correct, then OU backs their way into another Big 12 title game. LMAO. When will OSU's HC Mike Gundy get the sack?

The other OSU weasels their way into a possible Rose Bowl bid. Maybe Wisconsin or Michigan State can play Boise State? No, that will never happen again because Gordon Gee cannot afford to have a one-loss Big 11 team exposed for the frauds they are.

How many conference champions did a Big 11 team beat this year?

Jared Gambino

your prediction was right in fact if you look at how the whole season went COMPARED TO LAST YEAR and who ended up winning their bowl gaMES

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