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November 18, 2010


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"Oregon is known for owning the 2nd half of games."

this is irrelevant. they didn't score in the first or fourth quarter. one offensive touchdown after a fumble in oregon territory. if you notice, it's not reallyy cal fans thare are the ones whining - it's oregon fans.

oregon needs to *win* with class. all in all, it was a close and good game - despite all of the gaffs of missed kicks by both teams. you guys didn't play your best and our defense played lights out. that won't happen every week. just move on from your embarrassing near loss.


You're totally right. Cal's not the only one who cheated in this game. In the 2nd quarter, Oregon was flagged because some of their players started moving BEFORE THE SNAP OF THE BALL!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Chip Kelly said they coach their players not to do that, but that's not what it looked like last Saturday...


"oregon has moved on". funny, they're the ones that keep complaining about this. just b/c our D finally stopped your "all world" offense you have to make excuses for it. of course we've moved on, we lost and that's that.
i think oregon is the one who can't quite comprehend why they didn't put up 50+ so they have to find ways to validate their insufficient performance. whatever helps you sleep at night.


Wiz of Odds: you're using false and misleading information and headlines to attract page views. This is indefensible.

Bottom line, it's not the Umpire's job to watch for that pick. It's the Side Judge. He was right there and didn't call it.

Picks happen all the time. The only thing that made this one worthy of a penalty was that the Oregon player lowered his shoulder into the opposing player, rather than staying upright and blocking with his hands to the chest and/or shoulder pads.

Keep in mind the high speed of the game in real time. If a player does not feel he can reasonably protect himself in an imminent collision situation, it is reasonable to assume he will move to protect himself. This would be in survivalist good conscience. It's certainly not unethical, and it's definitely not cheating.

I'm going to request that your content be removed permanently from the DSN wire. So much for those page views you were seeking. Good luck getting ESPN to pick up your poor journalistic BS.


Yes, Maehl admitted that picks were a strategy. Post-game quote on his TD catch:

"Just a great play call by Chip [Kelly], scheming it up coming out of halftime. They were playing man the whole game. It was just a crossing route to try and get a pick and Darron [Thomas] put it on me."

---->>>>> Maehl was talking about the TD play where he just ran a slant route, you can re-watch it here:


Cal fans are looking kinda sad trying to cling to a play that was clearly a mistake. Both LT (#80) and the DB were looking in the backfield, LT simply looked up first and ducked. He's hurt pretty good off of that play, do you really think they'd do that intentionally, especially when they haven't run it all year?


So because Maehle was talking about a coached pick play that occurred later on in the game somehow indicates that pick plays aren't coached at Oregon? Dirty, dirty Ducks.

Plus, while #2 was rolling around on the ground with his concussion, all the Oregon fans were booing because they thought he was faking it. Scum.

A pick is cheating. And now we have Oregon winning on a touchdown that Maehl said was a designed pick play. Dirty, dirty Ducks.


Epic fail by the author here..
Cal coaches should be punished for this.. Sanctions should be brought agaisnt the program as well.
What does it say about Cal's program that their game play isnt good enough and they have to resort to this kind of stuff? I'd say a reasonable person would conclude that the game was not even as close as the score board suggests.
The embarrassment for Cal is that even after blatant cheating... they still couldnt get the win.

Quack Quack bitches!


The Wiz... reminds me of the Wiz on Seinfeld. Irrational beyond all repair.


this is a weak article at best


How many "fake injuries" were there the entire game? And then how many Oregon offensive plays were there? I count ONE injury that was questionable. There were 4 recorded CAL injuries the entire game, one from that ridiculous pick. Oregon is ridiculous. Grow up.


Have to laugh at this as we have a Cal honk trying to equate a pic-play with a game plan that called for premeditaded unethical cheating. Educators (also head coaches) that train their players to blatently cheat are the worst examples in coaching. They also recruit trainers, staff and other coaches to be accomplises. Recruits beware...CAL/AZ St./Tennessee, Washington are schools that need to cheat to compete. Consider a school that has honor, integrity and a sense of sportsmanship


Another great Cal football season. Better beat Washington so you can go to the Helicopter Bowl or some other six win showdown.

The Warrior

All this talk about toilets reminds of the fact that Oregon runs one of the dirtiest programs in the nation. Why don't all you Oregon people worry about cleaning your own program instead of making useless accusations about other schools. After all, "it happens all the time"...


Without a pass being thrown, it can't be a pick...it becomes a downfield block, which is legal. The video the Wiz embedded shows Maehl turning around to see what's happened behind him, so it's obvious (contrary to what Sean quoted) Thomas never threw a pass...to Maehl or anyone else.

So, even if the referee had seen the play, there would have been no penalty for the referee to call.

The Wiz

Oregon, it might be pointed out, ranks 98th out of 120 teams for fewest number of penalties. In other words, the Ducks are among the most penalized teams in Division I-A.


yeah, if it was an intentional pick, then the difference is that the ref can flag the player involved. with fake injuries the ref can only watch, helpless to make any call on the chicanery.

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