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November 01, 2010


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Danielson's very knowledgeable about the game, which makes him one of my favorites when he's not being a blatant SEC homer, which unfortunately is pretty rare these days.

It's also highly amusing to me that he's partnered with Verne Lundquist, who knows next to nothing about football.

Frank C

Danielsen is the best. Everybody is is a distant second. No comparison!!

Judy Johnson

Gary Danielson is very biased broadcaster. When I was watching the Alabama Tennessee game in 2009, when Alabama blocked the kick at the end of the game, he said "Oh no, Oh no," it's blocked, then started the crap about Cody taking his helmet off. I was shocked. I would have been shocked if he ad said Thank God, Thank God it's blocked. I wasn't expecting any judgmental comment. Since that time I have paid particular attention to him and he is always negative about Alabama culminating in his agenda about a joint champion this year. I can't stand the thought of 5 more years of him. He should be fired. He hurts the fans and most of all the young men playing. I am a 62 yr old woman, not what you would call a rabid fan. I am a fan but in this case I just would like to have the games announced by some one straight. He is a liar when he says he is not biased. I have tried to find an email address for him, which is how I found this website.

NorCal Brian

I agree with all of what is said in this comment. Also, when watching any Alabama, LSU, or any SEC game, Danielson is ALWAYS homering (yes I know thats not a word) for either team. My question is WHY?? Because he went to school in Michigan and at Purdue, respectively. So why would he suddenly be a homer/schill for the SEC? Does this have something to do with the owners of CBS television? Are they from the south and want the southern teams to get over-recognized, so they have Danielson doing their bidding? Really weird. I just know that I see nearly no other commentators that act this flagrant and outspoken for a particular conference. I am a west coast guy, and if you live here, you know that people living out here dont even need to defend football or anything else out here because if you have ever lived or spent time here, you know that this is the best place to live, play sports in compared to anywhere else in the country. Sports teams are just part of the greatness out here. We dont brag or need to brag because the nature of this area is so obviously better than anywhere else in the USA. Open space, liberal thinking, super nice, friendly, peaceful, positive people here and we know how great we are without having to brag about it through the media. (Like they do in the south on CBS and in the northeast with overbiased ESPN and NY political media stations too).

But back to NCAA commentating.....Gary Danielson is the only commentator that blatantly brags about SEC teams and tries to undermine ALL other teams from any other division. So it really gets old and I watch these games ON MUTE! How funny right? And it makes me just want to see any other team beat any SEC team. Like todays Sun Bowl where UTah beat Georgia Tech....how great. Did you all hear Danielsons slowly fading positivity level when GT had a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter ONLY TO LOSE! Ha ha Danielson. So fun and great to see you disappointed.

Go Pac 10....and all western conferences and teams.....put that in your pipe and smoke it Gary. Ha ha!

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