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December 13, 2010


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Gullible Gus

Surprised Arkansas gave them personalized shirts, but I'm more amazed that they found 10 kids named Arkansas.

Da Man

To Hog fans no UNL fans reported this. It was your own stupid fan posted this picture on a bunch of public boards & it got picked up from there. No Husker fans are trying to make this kid not ineligible to go to Arkansas. UNL may or may not win this recruiting battle however your school is using his mom who living in Arkansas as the bait to try to get him which is pitiful. And yes his mom will have a job with the school although it will likely not be official until after signing day.

Da Man

By the way Arkansas fans who has your school recently developed at DB? You have one five star kid who hasn't done anything & that is all I can think of. Put that up against what UNL will put into the draft this year. The kid has to decide between that & your schools offer.

Also how good is Arkansas going to be after Mallet leaves. Most everyone thinks you will sink back into a middle of the pack team. You are a one year wonder, enjoy it!

The Last Word

At least we won't be a conference jumping piece of crap program who took our ball and went home because we couldn't compete with the likes of Iowa State and Colorado......

Todd McDermott

Our corners have earned a Sugar Bowl bid. What have yours done? Welcome to the Holiday Bowl. Enjoy your game against 6-6 Washington.

The Last Word

1965 Cotton Bowl, baby....

Enough said.


In case you didn't watch the Auburn game, Mallet left early and our back up came off the bench cold and still threw how many touchdown passes? Yeh, whatever, we are stacked at QB. Just keep wishing Arkansas was a one year wonder. You'll be eating crow when we're playing for a NC! Oh yeh, while we're enjoying sugar go enjoy your lame holiday bowl! Bahahaha!

Cecil Newton

You consider this cheating? LOL!

Da Man

If you are so stacked then why are you being forced to buy a DB b/c you can't get any others to commit? Yes UNL is a piece of crap for jumping to a conference that is more stable & will pay schools more than the $EC...lol. Next year you will see a huge drop off from this year but keep telling yourself that you won't.

Da Man

To 'The Last Word' responding to your quote above: "At least we won't be a conference jumping piece of crap program who took our ball and went home because..." Did Arkansas jump from the Southwest Conference to the $EC? Also NU dominated ISU & CU. Are you still working on your GED?




If you could read, I said stacked at QB. Not at DB. But apparently you can't so we'll just leave it at that!

Da Man

HRBH thanks for that. Don't worry your bagman John L. gets the last visit with TM so you should be good to go there. Ya'all are a class act.


From what i heard he was always a hog fan. The big surprise was when he all of a sudden committed to the huskers. He comes for a visit and like most all of the recruits who have he came away very impressed.. he already knows the hogs have a NC caliber offense just needed to shore up the defensive side. he would be playing in the best conference in america that has the mostplayers in the NFL and consistently every year sends more players to the NFL than any other conference. Yeah i have no idea why he would want to come and play for any team in this conference? come on dude! wake up.

Oh and if anything was to be made of the nameplates its secondary at most. slap on the wrist. each school has about 25+ of those every year that they self report so no biggie. Good luck to you Cornhole fans though. have fun playing in the big 10/12.


Btw Cornhole fans.. no one blames you for jumping from one weak ass conference to a another one! who knows maybe you can finally pull yourself up out of the shadows of being texas & ou's bitch now. haha..

Since the huskers are so high and mighty losing a DB to another school should be no problem for you to replace since everyone wants to go there right? =-)

See you in the toilet bowl.. er holiday bowl. hahaha

Da Man

.Hog fans continuing to be a class act... The reason TM wants to go to UNL is due to being taught by one of the best defensive minds in college football. Arkansas got back in it with him bc they have stepped in & offered his mom a job with the University of Arkansas. You all couldn't win on merit, got desperate for a DB & offered his mama a job & who knows what else. Yes, UNL had a down year with a record of 10-3 that will extend to 10-4 with two losses by 3 & one by 7...

The Last Word

Da Man-

I offered you momma a job too. She took it, but then she stiffed me when she wouldn't give me any change from my five dollar bill.

Enjoy the Holiday Bowl, you Tom Osburne wanker.


Yeah.. hmm this is the best season youve had in years Da Man. And to think its in the big 12. a conference where half the teams from the SEC would have had ZERO losses. Including Arkansas! HaHaha.. Good Job! I will give coach psycho his props though. Way to belittle your qb in front of everyone like that! Awesome! He is a good defensive mind but i doubt the huskers ever get back to where they once were.. but then again, you are going to the big 10.. another weak conference. so who knows.. maybe you will.. doubt it.. but we'll see.. good luck!

Da Man

Hog fans there is no need to keep throwing stones. Y'all got TM, he is all Arkansas after y'all gave his mama a job.


Not throwing stones. just stating facts Da Man. You are leaving a weak conf. for another weak conf. You are going to the big plodding slow ass conf of the big 10/12. Good luck with recruiting. ;-)


If you don't have New Mexico Bowl fever, then you're not human. Show'em how it's done, New Mexico Bowl!

Da Man

You are right the big 10 needs to step it up & start paying players like y'all are doing.

Da Man

Quick list of Arkansas footballs bowl record shows y'all are steeped in tradition & wining.

2009: Loss to East Carolina
2008: Didn't make it to a bowl game.
2007: Loss to Missouri (Big 12)
2006: Loss to Wisconsin (Big 10)
2005: Didn't make it to a bowl game.
2004: Didn't make it to a bowl game.
2003: Won (gasp) vs. Missouri
2002: Loss to Minnesota (Big 10)
2001: Loss to Oklahoma (Big 12)
2000: Loss to UNLV
1999: Win (gasp) vs. Texas
1998: Loss to Michigan (Big 10).

So y'all say the Big 10 & 12 suck yet you are 0-3 vs. the Big 10 in bowl games since 1999 & 2-2 vs. Big 12 teams that where likely lower in that conference. This year you should file your season under every do has his day.


Actually the hogs bowl records under Nutt werent too good. But then again he wasnt a very good coach either. So cant say much in bowl season. Bowls really come down to which team is happy to be there and which team isnt. But, thats ok, The Hogs have a winner now with Petrino and I guarantee theyd of kicked your teams ass this year as well as every team in the big 12's ass! Of course, half of the teams in the SEC would have been undefeated in your conf. Big 12 or big 10. =-) Oh and btw hogs won last year. This year i will file the season as the first of many to come. =-) Look forward to playing you Corholes in a bowl sometime soon! Oh and correct me if im wrong but isnt this the 5th National title in a ROW for the SEC, The absolute BEST conference in america? yeah thats what i thought. ;-)

Da Man

Yes the SEC is the best conference but Arkansas hasn't added anything for the conference until the conference had a down year this year. Alabama & Florida will be back soon & Arkansas will fall back to the middle of the pack Rudy...

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