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December 07, 2010


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bob cuomo

Sure, Harbaugh is a Michigan guy, but he's got a very good thing going at Stanford...a very good thing. He's got the Cardinal positioned as one of the top two or three teams in the conference. I don't think he'd leave the Pac-10. I'm not sure about Hoke, although he did a great job with the Aztecs this season.


Brady Hoke will not coach Michigan's football team next year. This is something he has in common with you, me, and every other human who isn't Jim Harbaugh or Rich Rodriguez.


Brandon and Coleman spilled the beans too early and Miles was forced to back out on becoming the new UofM coach. He was put on the spot due to their flapping gums and was compelled to deny he was coming the the U. He was about to coach his current team in an all important bowl. If Coleman and the new AD can put together a deal with Harbaugh, the need to lock themselves up with no communication until the bowl season is over. They are prime examples of "knowledge is power" Too bad that they do not realize that power is often held privately.

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