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July 29, 2011


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Hoax whiners

Sir, as long as UL, Louisiana, or Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns are used, there are NO legal ramifications. If we tried to label ourselves as The University of Louisiana, then we'd have a problem. Not sure where your problem lies? Our fine school wishes to label itself as UL, Louisiana or Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns. Other publications are abiding by our wishes. Again, where is the problem? If what we are doing in anyway put us in legal jeapordy, we wouldnt be doing it. Talk to Phil Steele.

Tony Matto

Since when does one school get to decide what another school is called? BTW, why didn't the crybaby point out all of the other schools who don't go by their "legal" name? Are you now going to refer to LSU by ther full legation name of Louisiana State University and Agricultural &Mrchanical College? How about Texas at Austin? Let's not forget Nevada-Reno. And you might want to look into the school you commonly call Cal. It's a long list. The point is you seem to be caving to a small group of whiny outsiders trying to dictate how our team should be referenced.

Charlie Beckett

I also find it extremely interesting that a site such as this caves to pressure from fans of one school cave to change its reference to another school.

Since that appears to be your policy; I hereby submit my demand that this site refer to every school it covers by its full legal name. After all, how am I to know which school 'Texas' or 'Cal' or 'LSU' or is? For all I know you could be talking about the schools in Arlington, Davis and Alexandria. Those Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge Tigers have a decent team this year, I hear. I want to be sure that they are the team you are talking about.


Let’s make a list:
North Carolina-Chapel Hill


Good luck changing all the publications for all these other Universities listed above!...lol! WE ARE LOUISIANA! Thank you!


"If we tried to label ourselves as The University of Louisiana, then we'd have a problem." -- Then there is a problem because that is exactly how the ULL athletic department refers to the university. See any ULL press release or media guide.

To the guy that made the list-- That's funny. All of those schools are flagship schools. ULL is not a flagship. All 9 UL System schools are to be considered as equals. ULM has just as much right to the UL name as ULL does- none.

John Zerangue

Well, there is one thing ULM fans have become famous for, whining! Congrats, in that category you are BCS quality!!

Lafitte the Pirate

What ULM people fail to say is that the UL Board of Superviser have already given approval for UL to us Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns, Louisiana and UL for athletics.

ULM is a Tier 4 University while UL is a Tier 2 University. I do not see "equal" in that!!

Chicken Hawk Fan

Once again, branding athletics and the use of "Louisiana" are perfectly in line with the law. It has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate people at the state level. Who are these idiots that can't understand the written law concering the us of "The University of Louisiana" and the branding of athletics "Louisiana"?


Lafitte the Pirate- That is false. You cannot produce a link showing that info because it does not exist. ULL is the mandated abbreviation according to UL System Board of Supervisors rules. The only approved nickname mentioned above is Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns with an apostrophe s followed by Ragin' Cajuns. UL and Louisiana are strictly prohibited.


Chicken Hawk Fan-- "It has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate people at the state level." Really?? Prove it. But don't bother because you can't.

John Zerangue

Kev, then it is your responsibility to put a stop to it. Do it now. Do it Monday. I dare you. Get the best representation you can find and put a stop to it. I DOUBLE Dare you. There is NO law stating that we cant use Louisiana or UL. You guys have become a laughing stock with your incessant whining with respect to this matter. Congrats.

Lafitte the Pirate

Kevin, Get your lawyer and lets get it on. You will lose!!

I would like to see your letter from Dr. Moffet that states what you say.


ULM=half as big, half as old, half as good.

Gerald Hebert

What's in a name? If any university succeeds, albeit with academics or athletics then the fan base will refer to that particular school as they wish. Autonomy and success yield to a higher level of existence and when redundant the notoriety prevail!s! Success is the greatest motivator and U L in Lafayette has the largest potential of any institution due to the inherited position of a 32 mile radius of 650,000 people within a very rich demographics whose resources are finally being tapped, non-inslusive of Baton Rouge's demographics They are already there!. Let's take notice and the statistics within this argument will prevail! My money is on the afore mentioned population, demographics, and the Cajuns! May we all have an equal opportunity to succeed. Go Cajuns!


Well I don't think the owner of this site has caved to anyone. He is just asking for opinion, the owners stated a year ago their intentions.

Besides ULM is the only school in Louisiana who never received the constitutionally required 2/3 vote to be established as a school of higher learning. When LSU dumped them no one thought to ask.

Chicken Hawk Fan

Kevin, please paste that part of the state law the prohibits the use of "Louisiana" without the "s". Oh, never mind because you are a idiot! It does not exist! I've read the state law, it prohibits the use of "The University of Louisiana" without the city tag attached (Lafayette) in any official capacity by employees of the university. Don't create your own laws,it doesn't exist clown.

California Cajun

One thing that hasn't come up in conversation here is the fact that Louisiana-Monroe has specifically requested to be referenced as "ULM."

We feel that if one request is granted, so should another.

I read between the lines that ULM fears their size and scope will be diminished if we are branded athletically as Louisiana.

That is certainly not the case in Nevada with UNLV and Nevada, and California with UCLA and Cal. I predict that the landscape will be similar in Louisiana under this scenario.

I wish some accomodation could be made where ULM wasn't concerned about co-existing with a school that branded itself as Louisiana. We voted for their candidacy as football members of the Sun Belt Conference, and once again when they decided they wanted to be all-sports members. We compete with them in every sport home and home.

The name change movement began for me in 1974 while a college freshman during an on-campus poll about the possibility. More than 2/3 of my life has passed since then and the vision is more vivid than ever.

There is one thing I know as sure as I'm alive, with or without the cooperation of others. That is that anyone who has worked diligently for something 37 years will never be denied. Under these circumstances, no price is too high to pay. The Ragin' Cajuns will eventually be branded athletically as Louisiana. I just wish we could achieve our goals on a more friendly basis.


All these little hyphen schools arguing about this is funny. And they use Cal, UNC, and Texas as comparsions. Classic stuff, hyphen schools!

Tony Matto

Yet you take the time to comment, Rick. What's the matter, worried that one of these "hyphen" schools might embarrass you?

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