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August 27, 2008


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Ergh, please don't lump Richt in with guys like Spurrier or Saban. The rule at Georgia is that if you get suspended during the offseason, you start missing games from the beginning of the season on -- and that goes whether the opener is a D-IAA gimme like GSU or an actual challenge like a game at Clemson (eight players suspended in '03) or at home against Oklahoma State (starting TE suspended last year).

What Richt doesn't do is un-suspend players in the middle of a game (a la Saban) or cherry-pick a game in the middle of the season that he can afford to be shorthanded (like Spurrier).


I agree with Doug. If you are going to point fingers and try to make your point by using big name coaches, take note that Richt and Shannon are suspending their players for the first games of the year. I guess it just sounds better if you leave those details out.


Robert Marve is being suspended for an incident that happened last season, during his redshirt year. Most coaches wouldn't have even bothered to suspend him for any time this season. As for the other Miami suspensions, they are for minor 'team rules" issues, like being late to meetings or missing a study hall.

So, uh, not to rain on the parade here... but since when does "difficult" = "meaningful"?

You seem to be laboring under the assumption that it's not "punishment" unless it also punishes the whole team, which is silly. The vast majority of a team would be much more opposed to being suspended for a cupcake because a) they're more likely to play and b) they're likely to play BETTER during that game.

Whether or not its an effective punishment has nothing to do with how much harder it makes the game for the team and everything to do with how much that particular game means to the player.

If you're just looking to get your daily Alabama dig in, there are a lot more legit ways to do it.


I see that you have a need to get in a dig at Nick Saban or Alabama on an almost daily basis. I noticed that you chose a Saban suspension from last year, but all other examples you offer are for this upcoming season. What about Coach Sweatervest in Columbus? I see he has suspended two players for two games (Youngstown State and Ohio Univ.), but they will be back in time for the trip our west to play USC.

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