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September 25, 2008


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The late hits by Boise St. were too bad. Having lived in Boise when I was younger before moving to Oregon, I always followed BSU and enjoyed their overachieving play. I was looking forward to a good game. Watching this play, along with the personal foul/ejection in the 4th, took away a lot from the game and from BSU (not to mention Oregon's already ailing QB depth chart).

Tired of Oregon Fans

Watch this video again and pause it at .03. You will see he was hit a split second after he released the ball. The 4th quarter incident was a poor decision on timing (go to ktvb.com and watch the interview of Jeron). He shouldn't have been ejected though. Boise State does not and never has played dirty football.
Bottom line: just a case of Duck fans and Internet apologists who are upset their team lost and want something or someone to blame besides their team.


I wanted to comment on the hit. I am a Duck fan and I believe there is no question about how poor of a decision this hit was, and the lack of an ejection. The hit came at least 1 second after he released the ball, and in realtime, he had plenty of opportunity to avoid hitting our QB or to at least lighten the blow. And lets not forget that he was leading with his helmet big time.

Having said all that, I REALLY wanted to come on here and congratulate you all on your big win. I am a BSU fan (When they aren't playing Oregon), and I hope to see you suceed in your second BCS appearance. Now don't let us down, and do yo' thang'. Good luck Broncos.

P.S. How good of a game are we going to see in Boise next year! Gonna be one for the ages I think.

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