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September 30, 2008


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What is your deal? Please stop posting videos of so-called cheap shots by Boise State players. You are doing yourself and your site a disservice by not researching the situations and getting both sides of the story. It is lazy blogging/journalism, and you are hurting the reputation of a great football team in the process.

You've lost a reader to your site because of these posts.


Are you kidding me? Did you even watch the game? Did you lose a lot of money, because Oregon lost? This has got to be the lowest of the most worthless college football sites I have ever seen. Why don't you get some real insight and develop a site that isn't for losers.


This is getting old. They were both late hits. Both were penalized. Get over it. It's not like they were targeting players knees or anything.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Next topic.....


Actually...I don't even think the Jeron Johnson hit was a "late hit". He was flagged (and wrongly ejected) for "targeting a defenseless player"...hey buddy, you go over the middle looking for the ball...you may get drilled. Johnson admitted he didn't see the ball so didn't know it was too high...let's all get some objectivity here, the Broncos weren't the only ones being penalized for late hits or the like...they are just the only team that won the game.


Jeez, these BSU fans seem a little sensitive...


Bad officiating, for sure. Thanks for pointing that out with these videos.
The other thing you pointed out: Oregon fans are a bunch of sore losers. They can't even man up to a loss, they have to harp on excuses using a cheap ass web blog to cry and whine.
Finally, you've pointed out that you have absolutely no objectivity nor football knowledge. Good work!


WOW. You act as if this is the first late hit in the history of football. Or that you despise Boise State. This is the second time I've seen you try to trash them. Must have been of on the "odds" huh?

Losing is horrible when your site is deovted to "winners" I guess.


Q-tip motha

No kidding Drew. Maybe if they took their homer goggles off they'd be able to see how ridiculous their position is.


Neither player should be playing in tonight's game vs. LaTech - but they are. Even the kid who was suspended! There's no place in the game for those hits.

Jake Taylor

Finally BSU's cheap shot antics are being noticed by the media. ESPN's College Football Live even covered the topic. Powers of BSU should have been ejected and suspended for one game.

Boise has been a dirty team ever since Hawkins left. The Head Coach Peterson and DC Wilcox instruct their players to hit beyond the play and reward them for hard hits and when they knock players out of games.


Its hilarious seeing the Boise State fans get all defensive. People can see the video...it wasnt a LATE HIT on the quarterback. Its leading with his head..oh but thats okay because other people have done it?

They cant even get the reasons right for any of this. Just whine that their program does no wrong.

What a joke.


LOL @ defensive Boise State homers.

Both were cheap shots and both players deserved ejections and both should have been suspended. If you disagree, you are wrong.

LOL @ classless, dirty, cheap Boise State.


Oh, and the second late hit was on Ed Dickson, not Jeff Maehl.

The Wiz

Thanks for that, DN. Correction made.


The first hit was VERY late, and a blatant helmet-to-helmet hit, and not just any part of the helmet, directly to the facemask. It was also on the FIRST pass play of the game, and after that series (a TD), the QB (3rd string) left with a concussion, not to return. I'm not SURE it was intentional, but it sure looked like it, and it sure makes sense given the QB uncertainty for Oregon coming in. Also, the Pac-10 came out and publicly said recently that the player should have been ejected for the hit. So, sounds like they think it was BEYOND just a standard late hit.

The 2nd wasn't late, but it was VERY cheap. Boise fans are trying to defend it by saying things like "He said himself, he didn't see the ball". Ummm... you need to watch the ball as a DB, not just be out there to light up defensless players. That ball was TEN FEET over his head, and the DB didn't care, he was just looking to blow someone up. That's not football. That's just out there "trying to send a message" AKA "trying to hurt people".

Oh, and it'd be nice if you had the clips they ran on that same broadcast after the 2nd hit (and subsequent ejection). They talked about the THREE QB's the week before that were knocked out by the same Boise squad, and how they were so "proud" of it.

It's easy to be a "hard hitting" team when you take every opportunity to cheap shot the other team. It doesn't show how "tough" you are, it shows how much of a wimp you are for not being able to hit people and "send a message" within the rules.


BSU would kill or maim to win a football match. Truly classless, but probably that behavior should be expected from the WAC.


Some players should launch head-first into several Boise State coaches on the sidelines. Anyone who thinks this classless play doesn't originate from the coaches mouths/actions is being naive.

Those plays are beyond contempt. Football is a tough game, and players have to deal with enough injury due to legitimate play - this trash has to go!


Powers clearly tripped on a shoelace and fell into the QB. An honest mistake.

Johnson's hit on the WR was clean. Go up the middle and the ball is too high, that makes you fair game.

Oregon fans are still crying over this? What a bunch of whiny pussies. Come to the game in Boise next year.

The oregon players got away with about four spear's in this game, and the pac ten ref's didnt call any of them.


lol@the boise state kids getting so angry. I could care less if the ducks lose but your team certainly plays a little dirty. those were 2 horrible plays. You took out their starting QB and then brag about winning the game saying that it didn't change the outcome? How did it not? If YOUR starting QB goes down I'm pretty sure that changes the game...

lol@all of you


LOL! Tripped on a shoelace? Are you kidding me?

That's the kind of silly, nonsense excuse I'd expect from classless, dirty Boise State.


Classless, dirty Boise State? I wonder what you think of Oregon State.


Excuse me. If you don't like the hard hits, football isn't the sport for you. Football is all about hits and tackles. Jeron Johnson's hit was NOT late. Watch the video again. If you don't agree, try using glasses or lay off on the drinks.


Excuse me. If you don't like the hard hits, football isn't the sport for you. Football is all about hits and tackles. Jeron Johnson's hit was NOT late. Watch the video again. If you don't agree, try using glasses or lay off on the drinks.

Looking Glass

Boise--People in Glass House's should be the last to cast stones--How dare you complain, when on your message boards you try to trash other players for so called cheap hits that even your own coach says were fair hits. You have no credibility and lack respect for the game when you unfairly trash a player, any player.

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