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September 04, 2008


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The NCAA can't violate the First Amendment. Ever. No matter what it does.

The First Amendment restricts Congress, not private entities.

They're not saying you can't blog the game, they're saying you can't do that and keep your press pass, and getting a press pass (or access to the sporting events, for that matter) is not a constitutional right.

Does it suck? Yes. Are they on "shaky legal ground?" Not even remotely.

Brian Foley

That Louisville situation took place in the 2007 NCAA Super Regional that the Cardinals hosted against Oklahoma State.

I had to follow the NCAA policy at the D-2 Northeast Regional and did not one issue at all about running a live blog. They didn't even check what I was doing at the game.

Editor of The College Baseball Blog


I covered college football for the past two seasons for a college newspaper(not this year) and I never had any problem or heard of anyone having any problems. I imagine it's up to the school to care or catch it. And if you're blogging that much during a game, you're probably missing a lot and distracting yourself from your job, unless your job is blogging.

That said, I don't see why they are being so anal. Nobody who has access to the game on TV is going to choose to follow a blog instead. I had to do a little arguing with some SIDs over web videos at a swim meet once, but that was an obvious TV issue for them. Blogging a college football game isn't.

And Pete is right on with the legal issue. Don't like the rules, go sit in the stands.


"During Anderson's at-bat, the crowd suddenly erupted in applause, the sort of celebration one might expect from a bases-clearing double into the gap."

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