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September 09, 2008


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C Ed

Guess everyone has to throw out the "but they let everyone in" argument against the SEC now.

@C Ed:

While Georgia's numbers look particularly shameful (And LSU's, and Kentucky's), Overall they actually seem pretty low. Hell, Florida, the only SEC school in US News and World Report, actually has the third lowest numbers on the chart, behind only Georgia Tech and another SEC school (Auburn).

California's numbers are horrendous, so are Texas A&M's and Oklahoma, as are the afformentioned Georgia's.


Here is the US News and World Reports Rankings of the Top 100 Universities in the US:


So Cal's ranked #21 and only five BCS schools are ranked ahead of it, Duke, Northwestern, Stanford, ND and Vanderbilt, none of which responded to this report. Cal is the top University in the UC system and by far the hardest to gain admission to. A minimum 700 SAT and 2.0 GPA (Prop 48 minimums) are not going to be admitted without "Special Admit" but would pass as normal admission standards at some state schools.

With so many schools not responding or not even asked to respond, (USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Penn St.) what does this prove?


I'm having a hard time believing these were reported honestly.

There's also no data normalization based on entry requirements. I doubt Alabama's entry requirements are as high as Cal's, or even Georgia's for that matter. It's easier for dumb kids to get into these schools without special entry than others. Misleading stats.


Just to point out:

The average Cal student has a 4.27 high school GPA.


Cal has higher requirements than any other school listed.

I don't know... GT and UVA are pretty solid schools too, and they don't have nearly as many special admits as Cal.

Cal: (95% special admits)
US News: #21
SAT scores (25/75 percentile):
Combined: 1200 - 1450

GT: (9% special admits)
USN: #35
Combined: 1230 - 1400

UVA: (0% special admits)
USN : #23
Combined: 1220 – 1430




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