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September 03, 2008


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Tebow was still in the game because the coaches thought the first string offense needed more reps. Prior to his last drive, the Gators had run only 34 offensive plays. That's it.

It had nothing to do with sportsmanship and everything to do with the fact that the game was a glorified scrimmage. It was a tune up, a practice game that counted. The guys needed more time to get ready for Miami.

If the game was about padding Tebow's stats, then why did Brandon James get a 1-yard TD carry? Why did Cameron Newton get two carries inside the 3 yard line, the second a TD carry?

Mark Sanchez was still in the game and throwing in the fourth quarter of USC's blowout win. No outrage about that too?


No offense, Wiz, but the last team which deserves a little mercy is Hawaii. If you check out their logs of the past five years, one is in mind of the Andre Ware Houston Cougars. And not in a good way.

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