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November 03, 2008


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And the point is....??


It doesn't look like he's cheering to me. He just looks genuinely excited or astonished about the play that is unfolding in front of him. I don't categorize that as cheering.

I was in the press box at Arrowhead for an OU-KU game a couple of years ago and we were watching the Notre Dame-USC "Push Game" prior to kick off. We all had similar looks on our faces when Leinart scored his touchdown.

I agree the media can't show bias, but to expect people who cover and love this sport not to get excited when a play like Crabtree made happens is going a little too far.

I have nothing against Fowler for having a visceral reaction to the play.


I can't agree with furrer4heisman more. I wasn't really cheering for Texas Tech myself, I just wanted it to be a good game. While I didn't have a mirror in the room when I watching the game, I'm sure I had a very similar look on my own face! I see that as an "astonished" look.


I can't blame Fowler for that at all. I have no rooting interest in that game, but when i saw that play I jumped in the air and yelled too. I can't imagine what I would have done if I had been on the sideline 5 yards from the play. I don't think he was rooting, it was an amazing play.

Seth C

Chris Fowler does hate the Longhorns though.



You cant fault Fowler for that reaction. I could not imagine what it was like to be five yards from the greatest reciever to ever play college ball, making possibly the greatest play in the history of the big 12, maybe ever. As a tech fan i am truely jealous. It was just an invoulentary expression to witnessing a once in a life time event.

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