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November 23, 2008


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Morgan Trent had the angle. Your Pac-10 bias is ridiculous.


Since when do we judge a team by regular season wins and nonconference wins? Only BCS championships matter to me and a team from the SEC has won the pass 2.

1st overtime

Are you a Republican? Is Karl Rove writing your blog? Do you really believe the only way to prevail is through negativism? Shame on you, Joe the Blogger.

The Wiz

I'd like to challenge those posting a comment to tell me why is the SEC the best conference in the country. Present some data, lay out some some evidence to support your side, just like I did in this post. Drive-by posts don't cut it in this corner of cyberspace.


The non-conference resume's even worse than you say. Clemson actually is not bowl eligible yet. Although they have 6 wins, 2 were against 1-AA team. They have to beat South Carolina this weekend to go bowling.


"Since when do we judge a team by regular season wins and nonconference wins? Only BCS championships matter to me and a team from the SEC has won the pass 2."

Thats just it "a" BCS team has won the last two champtionships, (and we're talking about an entire conference) this is not logic for saying the rest of the teams in a given conference are any Better.

-For example, the Big 12 South is good this year, this does not mean Baylor is any Better.

-USC won the National Championship two years in a row and no one argued the Pac Ten was the best conference. Many people, particularly SEC fans, complained that the Trojans actually played a week schedule.

-Ohio State lost two BCS games, this does not mean the rest of the Big Ten should be ranked below any outside conference teams with the same record... Michigan beat florida after they couldn't score more than a feild goal on Ohio State last year.

Team's shouldn't be ranked by conference stength, they should be ranked on their own body of work. Given this, I think otherwise average-to-poor SEC teams are getting the credit for what one or two of their conference foes have accomplished, rather on what they've done themselves.


Over-rated, by whom? Alabama is the only team from a BCS conference who has yet to lose. Are they overrated? Florida has the 3rd best scoring offense and the 3rd best scoring defense. Are they over-rated? I doubt many teams are lining up to play them.

Regarding SEC speed, I believe Percy Harvin had a bad wheel nearly all of last year, but I'd put Trindon Holliday against anyone the Big Ten has to offer.

JCCW Jerry

Jay, who exactly is still claiming that the SEC is the nation's best conference this year? Anyone rational? Basically every blogger and media-type I'm aware of has long since conceded that the Big 12 is the better conference this year and that the SEC was overhyped preseason. Yes, Alabama and Florida are 1-2 (for reasons Scott listed above me) but beyond that Georgia is ranked behind Ohio St., Oklahoma St., and Missouri in the AP despite all four having the exact same record. The only other SEC team in the poll is Ole Miss at 25, and the Rebels don't even get into the coaches' poll. So what overrating are you talking about? If what you're really thinking is that Florida shouldn't be ranked second (or 'Bama first), then write a post about why Florida shouldn't be ranked second and leave the straw men out of this.


Theres a simple reason why Florida and the other SEC tops have highest scoring offenses and thats because....YOUR PLAYING TEAMS LIKE THE CITADEL!
Congrats on your well deserved hard fought win...you should feel proud about padding those stats.


I certainly won't argue that the SEC is having a down year and is not as competitive as the Big 12 this year, but I would like to make few observations.

The Citadel, which you refer to as "a 1-AA team [Florida] has no business playing," played and beat Chattanooga on 11/15. That is the same Chattanooga team that Oklahoma played in its season opener. If Florida deserves criticism for having the Citadel on the schedule, doesn't Oklahoma also deserve criticism?

Oklahoma's schedule (including Oklahoma State, but excluding the conference championship opponent) consists of 5 teams with a losing record. The combined record of those teams is 14-43. Florida, using the same criteria has played only 3 teams with a losing record (a combined 12-22).

The record of Oklahoma's OOC opponents is 20-26; Florida's OOC opponents are a combined 25-20.

OU's OOC road game was Washington. Is playing at Washington - one the worst teams in the bowl subdivision - a more daunting game than traveling to Tallahassee to play FSU? Is it the distance from your home field that makes an opponent more difficult, or is it the quality of your opponent? [I threw this last one in here simply to address your point that UF hasn't played an OOC road game since 1991. Where you play your away games is immaterial to me, who you play is important. FSU, located hours away from Gainesville, is a tougher opponent than say Duke.]

Believe me, I'm not trying to pick on Oklahoma because they are a fantastic team, which may in fact be more deserving of Florida than the #2 ranking. But to say that "we somehow find Alabama and Florida ranked 1-2 in the Associated Press poll" as if there is no possible way to justify those rankings is a tad ludicrous. Bama is the lone BCS conference team that is still undefeated; Florida is playing some pretty good football right now - regardless of when it last played an OOC opponent out of state.


Anyone plays good football when it's against I-AA schools, even Washington State won against a I-AA school! Perhaps if the SEC started scheduling teams in BCS conferences regularly then they would have an accurate assessment of where they stand in division one football... but then maybe they don't want to know and would rather everyone continue the fallacy of SEC dominance. The Pac-10 and Big-10 have shown a willingness to play each other out of conference, and the Big-12 is getting there too, the SEC is really the only conference too scared to play out of conference.

By the way, Steve, I'm pretty sure USC would gladly take on Alabama or Florida.

The Bull Gator

Like Brian, not to take away from a school like Oklahoma for instance, but if we're talking OOC schedule then why is Florida getting docked here? I'll fully admit I have a Florida-bias, but the Gators' OOC schedule was Hawaii (a team that made a major bowl last year, yes they aren't the same team, but they aren't Southwestern Montana School for the Blind either), Miami (an in-state rival), Citadel (okay you can have this one, but you need people need to stop acting like an opponent who isn't in the FBS is the end of the world), and FSU (an in-state rival).

Oklahoma on the other hand, played Chattanooga (non-FBS), TCU (a similar team to Hawaii in terms of scheduling), and then Cincy and Washington (I'd actually argue that Miami and FSU are better opponents because aside from Washington being a joke, neither team is a Sooner-rival).

You also have to remember that these schedules are made BEFORE THE SEASON! Hawaii was a major bowl team last year and Miami and FSU are Miami and FSU regardless of record. Anything can happen in a rivalry game. UF was the clearly superior team in 2006, but FSU played them close all game.

I'm not trying to take away anything from the Big 12, who is clearly having a great season. I'm just trying to say that you have to look at the bigger picture. The Big 12 has some road losses too. Kansas @ USF. Colorado @ FSU. Kansas State @ Louisville. And I'll even go as far as pointing to a home game. Arkansas State came into A&M and left with a win.

I'd like to ask what Percy Harvin has to do with this post? Did Reggie Bush never get caught? Did Ted Ginn take it to the house every time he touched the ball? Trent made a smart play and instead of chasing Harvin, he ran to a spot. How did the other 10 Michigan defenders fare in that play?

C Ed

JCCW Jerry hit the nail on the head. I, like any other rational college football fan, awarded the "strongest conference" mantle to the Big 12 early on this season. This entire post was at best unnecessary and at worst annoying.

I come to this site because it's a well-rounded source of college football news. Please don't turn it into yet another site for all the trolls to argue over who's tool is bigger.

The Bull Gator

I agree C Ed. I'm a big Gator and SEC fan, but I - and everyone I talk college football on a daily basis with - have been all for the Big 12 this year. To have 3 10-1 teams in the same division is very impressive regardless of scheduling.


Maybe if the Big-10 and Pac-10 weren't so gay for each other, we'd know what a Southern Cal vs. Georgia or Florida might look like. Both of those conferences are absolutely terrible. Who cares if Southern Cal and Ohio State schedule ONE tough out-of-conference game a year? They don't play anybody worth a damn in their own conference (and Ohio State doesn't even play Penn State!) and they don't have to deliver in a championship game.

Curious as to what it'll take before everyone just accepts that the SEC and Big 12 will always be superior conferences. Will it take 3 straight SEC National Champions? Four? Meyer and Richt are bringing in better talent than ever before, and Saban's just getting started.

But yeah, the Ducks, Beavers and Trojans are probably right there step-for-step.


History won't remember the whining of a blogger on a message board. History will simply show that the SEC has won 2 (maybe 3) BCS championships in a row. Maybe you should place a time capsule with your prognostications in it for future malcontents to read and remember how (sniffle) it wasn't fair that the SEC was so "overrated".


Top to Bottom-
Big 12 vs. SEC
Oklahoma #3 (10-1) - Alabama #1 (11-0) Big12
Texas #4 (10-1) - Florida #2 (10-1) SEC
Texas Tech #7 (10-1) - Georgia #13 (9-2) Big12
Oklahoma St. #11 (9-2) - Mississippi #25 (7-4) Big12
Missouri #12 (9-2) - LSU (7-4) Big12
Nebraska (7-4) - South Carolina (7-4) Big12
Kansas (6-5) - Vanderbilt (6-5) Big12
Colorado (5-6) - Kentucky (6-5) SEC
Kansas St. (5-7) - Auburn (5-6) Big12
Baylor (4-7) - Mississippi St. (4-7) Big12
Texas A&M (4-7) - Tennessee (4-7) SEC
Iowa St. (2-10) - Arkansas (4-7) SEC

Big 12 wins at least 7, probably 9-10


Since the advent of the BCS system the SEC is 7-10 against the Pac-10.

Not to mention that one of their 7 wins happened only because of TWO missed extra points by the visiting Pac-10 team (LSY vs. Oregon St. 2004)

SEC always has been overrated.

USC (when they were actually healthy) would have ran LSU off the field last year.


To Bull Gator,

Sweet southern backward education buddy.

USC doesnt play anyone tough in their conference?

read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowl_Championship_Series

In it you will find that SEVEN Pac-10 teams have played in BCS games (70% of conference) while the SEC has only six (50%).

The Bull Gator

You're questioning my education? I didn't mention USC at all in either of my comments. I never even brought up the Pac-10 at all.

The Bull Gator


You're questioning my education? I didn't even mention USC or the Pac-10.

The Bull Gator

Darn posting problems! Sorry guys.

C Ed

@ Tanner

You're a sharp one. You question the education of Bull Gator and then in the same post slam him about a non-existent comment he made about USC?!?!

Perhaps it's your education we should be questioning. Or at the very least your ability to carry on a simple conversation.

I'm relegating you back to your local high school message boards. You're obviously not cut out for this.

Good day.


Almost three years after this first posted...wonder if the SEC is still over-rated...

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