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December 12, 2008


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Most accurate counts have UNC at ~97 scholarships reserved for next year. True, a couple of freshmen won't qualify (or will declare for the MLB), Nicks (junior) will probably go pro, and a player or two will transfer out of the program, but 12? That's a pretty big number. And they are still very actively recruiting more.

Of course, so far, no wrong has been done. But when August rolls around, we might see some pretty upset players, recruits, parents, and high school coaches.

The PIler

It's good to see people are finally paying attention to this. Noting will ever come of it, but hopefully high school coaches will start noticing too.


here comes the Turk


Coach needs to talk to you, bring your playbook

Big Brother1

I think you are getting ahead of yourself at this point. Yes, there will be attrition and it will be a sizeable number.

But Butch waited until after his second year to start making room. That was the admirable thing to do. Remember, the State fans expected this much sooner. And now that it wil happen, they will make as big a hoopla out of it that they can. That's two years to show you can outperform the other guy for you new coach. That is MUCH better than what happens at most schools.

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