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January 09, 2009


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Atta Kid

leave eddy alone


Don't understand the purpose of posting these pixs. We all have been blotto before and will probably be again.

You should leave these bottom-feeding posts to the clowns at Deadspin, the gold standard for this garbage.


What's the big deal?

Mickey Rourke

Hey, Easy Ed is in a bar with a bird who is loving the attention. Looks like they are having a good time celebrating The Hawkeye victory. I wish I would have been there with him. It's really nobody's business what Eddy does after work. It would be sad if it did. Big Brother all over again. Those who don't approve can go stuff themselves.

eddy is nothing but an old drunk

Ed is once again in the sauce too heavy . what a sorry loser. and a sorry old drunk.

Ed should no longer be allowed to assist in calling the Iowa Football games!!!! Get rid of the loser once and for all!

Mickey Rourke

You losers can only wet dream about Easy Ed's birds. Eddy is a legend at scoring birds. He is Wilt Chamberlain quality. Ride hard, Easy.

my guess is he is looking at a tatoo and having a great conversation with a woman.
any parties I have been at there is always someone that has a little too much, so if this not accepable behavior then we will have to outlaw drinking all together that way nobody can get in trouble.


What a suprise, if there fans are not having sex in the bathrooms or there players getting into trouble why not have your announcer do this.


Eddie is public figure and of course pictures like this will cause outcry. I think Eddie needs to lay off the sauce for a while and come party with us, those who are closer to his age. Oh Eddie, yeah, bring Vicki with you.

I have a friend that was at that hotel after the game. Ed had his hand on the side of her breast while she had her picture taken with him. He also did this with several other ladies. My friend also said that several ladies sat on his lap while he had his hands fully on their breasts. She also stated that he was clearly intoxicated and repeated the story that he told that during the game he was able to get a huge beer and drink it while calling the game. He relayed in his story at the hotel that he was proud of his ability to get beer. Ed, you have a responsibility to be a positive representative of the University of Iowa, not a drunk.

David Long

Whats the ruckus? I would like to know just how this reflects on the University. Private time, non university related partying and having fun. There doesn't seem to be any hesitancy on the part of the women involved so lets leave one of the greatest Iowa athletes alone. How do I know, played before him at the university, and against him in the NFL. Go Eddie!!!!


Is this really news? The guy is over 21 and in a bar celebrating an Iowa bowl victory. What law is he breaking? I guess I'm thankful that I'm not a public figure for as many times as I've had a few beers in a bar.

Jon Clemens

This is a BFD. It was on his own time in a private hotel room. The gal obviously enjoyed -- or at least didn't mind -- the attention. If this was any guy on the street, nobody would pay any attention to it all. Leave him alone -- I think everyone values his contribution broadcasting Hawks games, and this should not jeopardize that.


"Drunk Guy flirts with woman with Large Breasts"

ORLY? Shocking.


You GO Ed!


once again some asshole with a camera has to take down one of the best color man the hawks have had. Z had a few drinks in his career and no jerk thought it be a good idea to ruin his career.

Guancous Armore

That type of behavior put Harry Caray in the Hall of Fame.


What a bunch of PRUDES ! He is in a bar !
Having FUN....do you understand....Nobodys business. Nothing was illegal. Critics....
go have a meeting about this and have your cookies and milk ! GEEZ


What a joke! I was hoping for some nudey photo's or something good! This is it? Fired for this? I have seen worse in bars!

mike Hanneman

I remember when Ed passed out on the Pentacrest by the Old Capital a few years ago after an Iowa game. This is blown way out of proportion. Ed was ready to move on anyway. Ed is my new hero of 2009! He likes to have some fun...big deal!

Robert Thompson

Just heard that Eddie "retired". What a bunch of Bull! Gary Barta needs to GO and be GONE. From what I see everyone is consenting and enjoying themselves.
Mr. T


Ever been to an Iowa tail gate ?? Hmmm

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