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January 22, 2009


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its unbelievable how quickly RichRod has become a national villain


you're an idiot. that isn't even true. do some research before you blog.


First, Coleman's salary is irrelevant. The AD at Michigan is a self-sustaining entity - it takes no money from the University at large, and spends less than it makes. Coleman's salary is from a completely different entity with a completely different balance sheet.

Second, Rodriguez is paid $2.2 million per year. Mark Dantonio, the MSU coach, makes 1.8. Tom Izzo makes 1.8. John Beliein makes 1.7. Lloyd Carr made 1.8. So, this is a college-wide issue, and one that has existed for years. If you, or the writer of the article, want to argue that college coaches are paid too much, do it. But Rodriguez is merely a data point - not the crux of the argument.

If you want to argue that Rodriguez is overpaid because he's not a good coach - do that. But don't invoke how his salary compares to the School President's (show me a BCS school where this isn't the case) and act like he's satan. It's mind-numbingly stupid.


All of the anti BCS posts, the Podolak pictures and now the sensational headlines. This post is garbage and misleading. Once upon a time this site was a good read. I'm gone.


I clicked through, so I figured I might as well read the post. The reply by "sean" (above) was thoughtful and spot-on. I've also found another blog to blacklist...when I see any links on familiar websites to "The Wiz of Odds," I'll know not to click. I'm not expecting newspaper journalism, but the content herein is garbage. Welcome to Drew Sharp status, man.

Jay Christensen

Please, gentlemen, don't let the door hit you on the way out. But before you leave, see how other sites treated the story, such as Sports By Brooks:


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