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January 27, 2009


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#3 also needs to be nominated for worst announcing of 2008.

#6 was just funny.. even the ref couldn't keep from laughing.

#9 is probably the biggest jerk.


suprised that the OU guy twisting the ankle of Harvin is not on the list. Cant remember the name, but that OU safety was a dirty bastard, lead with the helmet all the time.


I applaud your effort to root out what I consider to be a very dangerous trend in college football. In the pros it’s a problem but one quickly dealt with by suspension and/or fines. College players however can not be assessed fines for obvious reasons and with coaches unwilling to suspend players for criminal activity off the field we can not count on them to suspend players for career (and in some cases life) threatening play. Public shame/pressure is the only way to get coaches to punish players for reckless play. Sadly, in some cases it may be the coaches that actually “teach” players to play in a reckless manner. Ok, now for my vote:

Please allow a write in vote, the entire back 7 for USC (Rey and Taylor specifically). I know they are an amazing bunch and will be in the pro’s too. They certainly don’t need to result to dirty play to beat the crap out of everyone they play but I was shocked every time I watch a USC game at the number of helmet to helmet and helmet to chin shots they get in during a game. Even more shocking to me was the fact that the announcers never said a word about it. Just youtube any combination of USC, hits, Taylor Mays, Troy Poamalu, Rey Maualuga and you will see some GREAT AND CLEAN hits but you will also see a pattern of helmet to helmet and helmet to chin that should not go on without comment. Helmet to chest (or helmet to back if that is the way the ball carrier is facing) is perfect technique and will result in punishing hits that don’t have the same potential to leave a 18-22 year old Education Major in a wheel chair the rest of his life or leave him with a permanent brain condition.


Houston may sweep the awards this season, between Phillip Hunt and that dude that stomped on Chase Buddinger's face last week


The Oklahoma guy has got to be the dumbest moron in the world. If he would have just acted like it was a mistake and helped the guy up he would be fine instead he acted like an arrogant jerk and paid a heavy price.


I was at that Houston game sitting field level with the play in front of me, I never heard the whistle and neither did anyone sitting next to us. It was easy to hear on TV, but you don't get the parabolic mics that pic up the whistle at the stadium like you do for TV.

A play earlier in the game they blew the whistle 15 secs after everyone thought the play was dead. Refs made no attempt to rush in waving arms on that Hunt hit like you usually see. Thought that could have prevented the hit and part of added to the confusion as to what happened.

That said it was a hell of a hit.


wow. right now i have a two-way tie for my douche of the year. #3 (tie for first)... just because two plays in a row there are blatant fouls by boise state... actions that are dangerous and stupid and against defensless players. a lot of the other plays, you can see how someone was just getting after the play and went a little over; like number 1... the announcers could barely hear the whistle and kept announcing... that whistle came right as the snap was happening. that DE does not need to be singled out.
#7 (honorable mention)... take him out of the gene pool. now. good thing he didn't make contact.
#8a (tie for first)... same thing as #7, but this a-hole does make contact. good thing that kid wasn't hurt.

Bama Boy

The Auburn lineman is RYAN PUGH. He is the same one that cut Dorsey last year from LSU and almost ruined his career. He and his dad are both PUNKS!!!


Like Bamaboy said, Ryan Pugh is the Auburn lineman. He has a history of chop blocking. he took out Glenn Dorsey on a designed play to take out his knee, went right for it off the snap. Took out another lineman last year on the same designed play, though I can't remember who it was. These are potentially career ending plays and he seems to have no care in the world about the fact that he could ruin another person's future. He has no class, and should never again be allowed on a football field just out of respect for the dignity of the game.

Auburn is the dirtiest trashiest filithiest team in America....Hands Down!

Hobnail Is a hater beaver fan


That hit by Houston was just cheap and knocked out the quarterback for the season. The offensive linemen completely stopped moving and the quarterback was standing flat footed and still.

That was just dirty. I don't care if he could hear the whistle or not it was painfully obvious the play was over.


Thank you for calling out bsu for the douches they are.


the houston hit?!? not dirty at all... grow up people. it may have been late, but for god's sake it wasn't malicious or a dangerous hit... a pretty nice form-tackle, after all. sorry it ended his season, but there was nothing wrong with the hit. how soon/late he heard the whistle and reacted then becomes a judgment call and NOT one of it being a cheap shot like three or four other douches on here going for peoples' knees. it is ALWAYS wrong to do that - late or not. this unequivocally makes it worse to me (the auburn knee-dive or any of the others).

Buzz Killington

My vote goes to Auburn. Although we should be used to it after seeing Auburn do it to Dorsey AND Dorell Scott from Clemson.


Someone pointed it out ... Houston has a candidate for football and the heavy favorite for basketball (the face-stomping at Arizona). That program has some bad apples.


Without Boise St. intentionally taking out Masoli with the spearing late hit, Oregon dominates that game. But because they cheated, they won (barely). That makes #2 the dirtiest play as it was clearly not just cheap, but game-planned.

No wonder nobody respects BSU. Bunch of wannabes.



Nicholas Eckert

Such wonderful displays of sportsmanship above... >_<

So, narrowing down the list:

Minnesota had some wonderful moments in that Iowa game, but there's so much worse from the other candidates.

Boise State's Jeron Johnson gets honorable mention for failure to learn a lesson the first time. He's not going to get the best of the year, but he gets points for multiple tries involving *the same situation and the same foul*.

...whoever was doing the laser pointer thing doesn't necessarily qualify for a cheap shot, though it could have - they can blind permanently. I hope security tossed that cretin out of the stadium head-first.

The triple-team mugging, after thought, is an honorable mention. The forearm shiver from the guy earlier on a defenseless team (sorry, Washington fans!) doesn't earn the guy quite as much sympathy. Still, I'm surprised at the lack of laundry over that - how do you miss a pointless three-on-one play with fists involved, refs?

Ellis Powers hit doesn't count here. That wasn't as clearly after release as, well, Texas Tech, where it looks like the guy chose the moment after release to *lead with his head*.

But my vote? #1.

A commentor notes he couldn't hear the whistles from his seat. That is not and cannot be the case on the ground, where they are blowing like mad; yet, *two* players shrug off the blockers and sandwich a QB? It's both Washington-Oklahoma cheap shots rolled into one, to the detriment of Joe Kemp.


The University of Houston athletic teams are a bunch of losers. Until they reign in the thug behaviour of a few, all of their athletes will be looked upon the same way.
It's not like they have won anything in years. Other than douche bags of the year anyway that is. They make the U of Miami look like outstanding citizens.


#1 and #7 are the worst IMO. Complaints about the inaudible whistle don't wash (the other blitzing lineman held up and didn't cream the kid from Tulane).

#2 wasn't the worst I've ever seen. Yeah, a little cheap, but only about a step late.

The second hit in #8 I don't even think is a cheap shot. The gunner from Minnesota obviously thought the Iowa player had already caught the punt (you can see him punching the turf when he realizes his mistake), and he just tackles the Iowa player, he doesn't try to behead him.

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