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March 26, 2009


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Isn't there other things much more important going on in American economics that these elected officials should be concerned with?

Also, what about the people who think the BCS, the college bowl system and the regular season are exciting and doesn't need fixing? I guess were stuck watching meaningless regular season college basketball games.


The criminals running the US govmtnet are Un-American too, but that doesnt stop em.


What's unamerican is the government's new found habit of stepping in and "rescuing" businesses, institutions, or whatever. Sure the BCS needs fixing, but Uncle Sam is not the one to do it.


It very well might be a violation of antitrust laws. What has happened is that certain conferences have rigged the rules to make sure they get the money. Hatch is obviously mad that Utah was the only undefeated team and didn't even get a chance to play for the championship. They proved, by beating Alabama - a #1 team in the BCS polls not long before - that they were capable of beating anyone. They just didn't get a chance because teams that don't belong to certain conferences are automatically and systematically excluded.


why can every other ncaa footbal division have playoffs but not 1a -- pathetic


"why can every other ncaa footbal division have playoffs but not 1a -- pathetic"

What's more pathetic is the total lack of interest in every other NCAA football division which is why they have a playoff.

Why take something totally unique to sports and get rid of it? The NCAA football playoffs will make college football a lot less interesting.

Phil Fulmer's Mom

Glad we got our priorities straight.

Orrin Hatch is a fucking gangsta- hes like a 65 year old McLovin.


Very well won't be a violation of anti trust rules. Every FBS (god i hate that) conference gets a piece of the BCS money. Every team is theoretically eligable to make a BCS bowl. The fact Utah was left out by voters at hundreds of locations across the country (the poll voters) means they got ample chance to be voted in.... they weren't. There have been undefeated teams that havent played for the national championship before. IN FACT in the 70s (i think it was 72) there was a year with like 5 undefeated teams that didn't win the title. Cry another river. Unfortunately for Mr Hatch, the US government is broke right now while the BCS is one of the few things in the country swimming in money. How can it look good to go after one of the few things in the country not in need of a "bailout" aka wasted tax dollars. If they hadnt paid out a dime the feds would have an extra trillion and we'd be exactly where we are.

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