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April 02, 2009


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Gasp, how horribly unfair for these people to make this much money!

Gimme a break. Should "we" void their contracts or give some of their pay back?

Is this supposed to be another log on the fire to fuel our rage that someone could make more money than the rest of us do?

College athletics is big business. Furthermore, most (I'll bet all of the departments mentioned in your post) are probably funded totally from the public or from donors and many of them probably contribute to their respective universities.

Prior to the last few months, if these athletic departments could not fund their operations, they either found new donors, scaled back their operations, or it was within the realm of possibility for them to shut down. In that case, nobody gets paid, including the ADs. Nowadays, I suppose they could convert to a bank and receive TARP funds.

If the public doesn't like how much their AD makes, send the school president a letter, stop buying tickets or university merchandise, etc. Furthermore, the media should stop offering up billion dollar contracts to cover sporting events.

On the other hand, if we don't like how much money we make, we should worry about improving our own lives instead of tearing down others to make ourselves feel better.

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Let's see...most ADs are subsidizes by their own revenues. So if a guy runs a department that makes, say, $50 million...shouldn't he get a nice take? I really don't get this stuff. Let's not hate people for making money during tough economic times because its easy.

They earned the money, we as a society have placed the value on sports.



We have enough knuckleheads in congress blaming their mistakes on the success of others. Soon, working hard to get ahead won't be worth it.

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I am surprised tiny Lawrence Kansas pays so well and wondering what Wisconsin has done to warrant paying their guy so much. At least Florida has won their share of football and basketball games.

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They make money, thats how they warrant their pay. Winning, losing, whatever. If the team is making money, the players get paid bank; end of story.

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