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April 23, 2009


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"My office will not take time out of its busy schedule to assist in putting TCU students on the air to make negative comments about our student athletes."

Way to go TCU, we wouldn't want any JOUNALISM MAJORS to actually have an opinion or be anything but a mouthpiece for the Big Brother orgnization that is TCU athletics. You know, having an opinion is a dangerous thing, right? ... By the way, Andy Dalton stinks.


What bullshit!
No reason to can the kid for THAT.
They should give him some compensation, like fixing his ears.


ears, now that was funny


We call for the immediate resignation of Mark Cohen.


Not surprising from Mark Cohen. I played at football at Wofford and this is how it was run there, too.

Mark Cohen

maybe Cohen and Dalton got a lil sumthin going on....bow chica bow wow




Hahaha. Shut your mouth, nerd.

Rah rah TCU

I'm a TCU man and I must say I was disappointed with this story when it 'broke' (if you can really call anything published in the Daily Skiff a breaking story) earlier this week.

Now, the kid's career probably isn't a great loss. He was suggesting that a junior incumbant starter on the nation's #7 team and leading offense in terms of time of possession would be challenged by a freshman who everyone knows is set to redshirt.

But even less than informed college students deserve a shot at the limelight. he didn't hurt anyone.

As for the above comment stating that Dalton stinks... He's not the greatest, but he's competant. He runs well, and i'm pretty sure the Frogs could kick the turd out of which ever team a guy who calls himself 'spreadoption' roots for. You don't need the best QB when your D gives up 18 inches per game on the ground.


The issue was not the comment that he made, merely that this student had not actually attended a TCU practice, therefore was just blowing smoke.


Hmmm...it doesn't say that in the story Drew. Where is your information coming from? Kid may have a point actually anyway. Dalton always makes me remember Darrel Royal's quote about passing....there are 3 things that can happen when you pass the football, and 2 of them are bad. I always hold my breath when Dalton puts it up or rolls out.

Bring on Pachall!


do they have american history at TCU because i'm pretty sure freedom of the press was granted a long time ago!


This is freakin' BS and you cocksuckers know it! I'm just doin' my freakin' job you sorry sick SONS-OF-BITCHES!!


Wow! Is this censorship??? Shame on you, TCU!!! Are you about education or sports? Oh, yeah.....


hahaha, thought this would only happen at byu


This guy used to be my roommate. He's a d-bag and sucks at life. Andy Dalton is a college football starter and Brain Smith is a 100 lb child. If you want the opinion of a child then ask my little sister.


TCU was right to get rid of the kid. Next thing you know he'll be talking about how TCU plays mid-major marshmallows all season (except for the occasional loss to an OU or someome) and doesn't deserve a ranking. God forbid some student reporter gives an accurate opinion if it doesn't reflect TCU in a falsely positive light.

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