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April 24, 2009


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I call shenanigans on your logic. True, Texas defeated three teams from outside BCS auto bid conferences, all three teams along with Arkansas compete in the NCAA Division I-A.

Oklahoma and Florida, both of whom participated in the game to decide the mythical title, cannot make the same claim because OU rolled WINLESS I-AA UT Chattanooga and Florida whipped nearly equally terrible I-AA Citadel.

Because Texas defeated four I-A teams in OOC play and Florida and OU defeated three I-A teams in OOC play, how is Texas' schedule considered softer than OU and Florida?

Oh, yeah. Texas beat OU.


That's crap Texas.

You're cowards. It's hell for TCU to get home and home series against "big" schools, because they're scared to come to Fort Worth and risk a loss. Better to earn money for nothing at home against Ark. State, right Longhorns?

OU is slated to come to Fort Worth in 2012. When are your scared butts coming?

The 1978 Crimson Tide won the antional title. That team played USC, Washington, Mizzou and Nebraska in non-conference games. What happend to those days.

I believe the BCS is actually to blame. 12-0 is now more important than quality and guts, even if 4 wins come against the Sun Belt.

It sucks. Contratry to the BCS's own logic, the system is killing the regular season.


Snyder has scheduled his share of cupcakes over the years, but I like how everyone has forgotten about his 2-0 record over Pete Carroll at USC.

The Virginian

You are 100% correct on this. The sheer number of home games is annoying. How can light weights like Kansas St and Auburn hide behind the importance of home games ... when USC regularly has 6 homes games.

The only incentive that changes human behavior is money.

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