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May 07, 2009


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Actually, good for the Big XII--they shouldn't kowtow to Texas whenever they throw a tantrum or hissyfit when things don't go their way. If Texas wanted to go to the Big XII Title Game and the BCS, they should have *GASP* won ALL of their games instead of letting the informant Red Raiders pass over them.

And Chuck Carlton can DIAF with the Dallas Morning News sports organization--their 'coverage' of the Big XII is six teams too few, and that's going to bite them in the arse this year when Kansas and Nebraska are up there with Oklahoma this year.


It's unbelievably dumb that a coaches poll is factored in at all in the BCS.

It's like having current gymnast coaches as olympic judges or Roy Jones Jr's trainer scoring punches for a Roy Jones Jr. fight.

Who thought this was going to work?

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