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May 27, 2009


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34 bowl games get tax exempt status partly on the basis of a paltry COMBINED $3.2 million given to charity and Joe Barton is the one who is 'at it again'? I think this story shows the system for what is. I'd rather see Congress dealing with this issue than spending their time and our money bailing out GM some more.


I agree with Sam. While Joe Barton isn't exactly a paragon of virtue by any stretch of the imagination, we can't be completely consumed by the economy, war, et al or we will micromanage them to death.

The BCS is a problem that requires examination, as does the NCAA which has done a very poor job of enforcing regulations and discouraging cheating amongst the programs.


If you're going to do "reporters' notebooks," then shouldn't you leave it to actual reporters, instead of throwing in a link to an absurdly conspiratorial blog post that other reporters have foolishly cited to (often without reporting the fact, as the blog did not, that the guy recused himself and has no role in the appeal - btw, if this is a problem, then our entire justice system is ruined, because if recusal doesn't mean anything when judges are still on the court despite recusing themselves, then could we even have judges)?

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