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May 14, 2009


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Here's the difference between the Pac-10 and Big 10: Big 10 folks care about their sports.

Has anyone bothered to watch these channels? Up next: Northwestern v. Iowa in field hockey. OMFG! No way! Put the kids to bed. Put the dogs out. Folks, nothing says scintillating competition like Northwestern v. Iowa. It is a match that transcends a simple contest because these two teams just plain hate each other.

Please. Spare me. These networks represent Example A as to why cable and satellite providers must be forced into offering ala carte programming. I cannot believe I subsidize this junk.


Naturally we're going to have someone with the moniker of 'Bevo' crap all over anything that isn't Texas football-related.

If you're a Big 10 fan, you watch Big 10 sports. If you're a Big XII fan or alum (Bevos excluded as they're above such nonsense) then you watch Big XII sports. Same thing for Pac10, Mountain West, etc. Spend some time in other people's shoes for a minute...

...and with formerly fringe NCAA sports (Hockey, Baseball) taking off and some of the conferences having piss-poor TV contracts (*ahem*BigXIIthanksDallasoffice*ahem), this is going to be how schools deliver for their fans when the networks either fail to or are blinded by ego, money, and TV auidence shares (ESPN).

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