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May 29, 2009


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That's because Meyer disciplines his team or kicks the off the team. Such as Rickerson, who hit his girlfriend, kicked off the team. Cam Newton, who was accused of stealing a laptop, but actually unknowingly bought a stolen one from a school mate, kicked off the team. Marcus Thomas, the best DT UF has had in a decade, kicked off the team for violating team rules by leaving Gainesville.


And what's sad is that programs like Nebraska, who had a couple of bad years with these issues and disciplined the players accordingly in just about all cases, are thrown under the proverbial bus because they don't have enough "butts in seats" at home to warrant preferential ESPN treatment.

ESPN and their sycophants needs to DiaF, post-haste.

Not You

"Cam Newton, who was accused of stealing a laptop, but actually unknowingly bought a stolen one from a school mate, kicked off the team."

Cam Newton wasn't kicked off the team. He was suspended, and then he transferred to get away from all the negative attention. Which is sad, because he was a good kid and a great player who basically got screwed. But yeah, I agree, the difference here is that when FSU and UM were Thuggin', they waited for the jail sentence to be up so the player could play again. Meyer kicks them off unless he thinks it was a genuine mistake and the kid will change, after he gets both sides of the story, but before the judge rules.


The judge doesn't rule on Gators - he never gets the chance. The State Attorney there seems to be a little, umm, lenient when it comes to Gators. (Or people whose business was burglarized suddenly decide it was all a misunderstanding and beg to have the charges dropped when the public gets wind - great thing the police and state attorney there can complete felony investigations in three days from time of incident or you guys would be struggling against the LSUs of the world). And you guys are flat kidding yourself if you think Meyer kicks these kids out when they have problems. If Meyer was kicking every player that got arrested off the team, you guys would be down, at least, to 70 scholarship players. He claims to discipline them, running a few extra wind sprints seems to be enough for the booster - I mean state attorney to drop felony charges, and Meyer can laughably maintain he maintains a high character program while players are running amuck and the media pretends not to see it.


One other thing: let's not forget the Chris Raineys and Carl Moores, who go on record with rather substantial recruiting violations, then try to act like they simply misspoke, and magically people buy it and pretend like nothing happened. Jeremy Foley's slogan must be "Move along. Nothing to see here."

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