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May 02, 2009


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Anytime you here the government getting involved in anything in an effort to make things "fair", you can bet everything end up all screwed up.

Why do you want to take what's great about college football and destroy it? Is this all about Utah not getting to play for the national championship?


I think the BCS is a total joke, a pathetic excuse for determining a national champion. There should be a playoff system, it would be more interesting and raise more money.

With that said, this was nothing but grandstanding. It is a complete waste of taxpayer money and any politicians who helped to set this up deserve to be voted out of office. Out of all the things Joe Barton could be focusing on he decides to spend his time worrying about the BCS. Because that's the most important thing there is. Typical politician.

Also, Barton complained that the BCS was all about money. Is that a news flash to him? Look at the University of Texas, in his backyard. They spend nearly $100 million per year on an athletic budget. Why doesn't he rail against that machine. Because, that would make him unpopular. It's simple hypocrisy.


NMS, Barton is an A&M grad. If you consider the athletics budget in College Station, it gives one pause to think about the sorry state of Aggie football.


It has been amusing to see a number of articles being posted by sports writers that focus on the congressional grandstanding. Is this the first time people have watched this channel? :)

Call me crazy. But, I watch C-SPAN a lot. Over time, I've developed the theory that 90% of our political issues would be solved if others would ditch their MSNBC, Jonathan Stewart, major news network filters and just watched C-SPAN for one hour a week. It's amazing to me how much different the actual events look without edits, flashy graphics and voter-guide commentary or jokes. It's also amazing how quickly you can recognize the idiots from the experts. People whom you never would have expected to be so low if you had never actually seen them "doing" their job without media gloss.

That said, the BCS issue won't be decided by those clowns anyway. As is usually the case, there are other people behind the scenes that architect such matters. Lawyers, industry experts, lobbyists and others. The hearings were not about getting to the heart of the matter. It was for politicians to try and gain some street cred for bashing something everyone knows is wildly unpopular. The goal was to be the guy that spoke the line that would get air time on ESPN.

Despite the predictable nonsense, I'm optimistic that there will be change. It is the role of government to enforce our laws and I believe that the BCS does violate them. Not sure why anyone would think that government has better things to do than to enforce our laws. College Football is a massive industry. It's not a waste of time simply because it involves something that can also be fun.

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