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June 26, 2009


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never gonna happen.


What associate professor Rapp really meant to say was that if the government does pursue anti-trust activity in college football, a bunch of liberal academics are going to piss and moan that Walmart isn't targeted.

Here's to an anti-trust hearing over the BCS. It's needed.


Another example of the federal govenment wasting its time and taxpayer money. People in this country are losing their jobs by the thousands every day and we're wasting time and money trying to figure out if Wyoming can someday play in a bowl game sponsored by a chip company. There's far more important matters in this country right now than college football.


College football is a multi-billion dollar industry. I think that investigating whether or not wealth within that industry is being illegally manipulated is as important now as ever. It could be the difference between substantial funds going to one state or another and affecting the citizens there.


"You have 50 percent of the schools who are the elite schools. They get almost all of the money, and the other schools, no matter how good they are, don't even have a chance to compete for the national title,"

What a joke. The reason the schools like Ohio State, USC, Texas, etc. get all the money is because they are good and have been good for a long time. If San Diego State became as good as they are for a long period of time, nothing would stop them from making as much money as today's elites. I realize they are at a disadvantage, but that's life.


I think there is a big difference between Walmart and NCAA football. NCAA football and the athletic departments that fund them are all non-profit. Ohio State and Texas football make more money than your team but they aren't paying alumni a dividend.

With the way things are today, it's tougher for Baylor to get in to a BCS game than it is Utah. There is no automatic inclusion policy if Baylor gets to a certain rank and with Baylor having to play a more rigorous (on average) conference schedule, they're less likely than Utah is to end the season undefeated.

I might entertain the debate that Utah was better than Ohio State, Alabama and Penn State in 2008, but I will NOT let you tell me that Utah was better than Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and USC. If you think that, then you do not know enough about college football to be participating here. Utah playing and winning a BCS bowl in 2008 is proof that the system works, not the contrary.

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