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June 09, 2009


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This project had complete and utter failure written on it from the start.

For one, Oklahoma State never sells out its own stadium for it's home games unless they have Oklahoma, Nebraska, or Texas playing there. So to expand the stadium's seating capacity when they can't sell out currently was asinine.

Second, other than Basketball, none of the other sports (regardless of sex) have anything significant to crow about since OSU joined the Big 8. And when I say 'significant', I mean putting butts in seats and bringing dollars to the University.

Third, as mentioned above, the University and T. Boone Farms Pickens not only pissed off the local community (vital in the past to OSU's well-being, both academically and athletically), they salted the earth and now nothing will likely be done in the next decade with that land. That's land where people had their homes for over half a century in some instances...the use of Eminent Domain here is as vile and contemptuous as Jerry Jones' use of it to build his new shrine to mediocre professional football.

Long story short, OSU and T. Boone Farms Pickens need to sink together in the mess that they've made. The sooner they hit bottom, the sooner someone else can come in and clean up the mess they've made of OSU.


The West Endzone project a Boone Pickens Stadium was NEVER about adding seats. It was all about the facilities under the seats. The new Locker Room. Weight Room, Training Room, etc.. It was also about adding the Suites and Coaches offices at the top. There is a new cafateria for all athletes up on the 3rd level of the new West End Zone, that is second to none. Yes, seats were added, but only to the extent of the size requirements of the new basement area. As for those seats, they are allowing OSU to offer "Family Friendly" priced seats.

As for the other renovations at BPS, they were also about the amenities. Prior to these renovations the only suites were at the top of GIA overlooking the East Endzone. Now there are 36 suites along the north and south sidelines, along with the addition of nearly 4000 Club Seats. The club has upscale food and drinks available (including adult beverages). At the same time they added a Mezanine level under the stadium which doubled the amout of concession stands and restrooms. This was one of the biggest necessities. It used to be if you were on row 83, you had to go all the way to the ground level to get a coke and use the restroom. Now from the anywhere in the stadium you are no more than 25 rows from these amenities.

Now, about the rest of the village. 1st off, of the 61 houses that were bought and removed, only 6 of them were ownere occupied. The remaining houses were all rent houses occupied by students. Only 1 house was taken by emenant domain. That house was purchased by 2 brothers 18 months before OSU started aquiring the properties. The 2 brothers bought it for $20,000, and when approached by OSU set the asking price at $70,000. A 250% return on investment!!! This was settled in court and the brothers made a profit, just not 250%.

The reason for the Athletic Village is simple. Today the other sports venues are scattered throughout the northside of campus. They are in the way of adding additional Classrooms, or Appartments for the students. Thus, it makes more sense to move these facilities, and add the classrooms, along side the other classrooms, instead of adding the new classrooms a 1/2 mile away.

The Village will be built, and construction will probably start in 2010.

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