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July 01, 2009


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If those teams in the 50% actually account for 98% of the profits, why not let them keep 98% of the profits? Remind me how much money the WAC brings in again? Yeah, thought so.

The Wiz

The Wiz says if the BCS teams want to keep all the money, then man up and schedule nonconference games against each other and exclude the teams they don't want invited to the BCS party to begin with.


Yup, that'd work. But if that were the case, why would anybody pay any attention to the Sun Belt, MAC, etc?

Another (reasonable and realistic) way would be to mandate that games against I-AA cupcakes don't count towards bowl games. That would be sweet.


I agree with the Nebraska AD, regional playoff games would not work with only a week to set up travel times, so that means the games would be played at home teams stadiums and we're back talking about how the system is unfair.

The college bowl system isn't perfect, but it's much more exciting and rewarding than the NFL playoffs.


The problem is, Harvey is right to a degree.

Nebraska hasn't been able to ever schedule Miami for a home-and-home until their recent downtrodden state because Miami feared playing in winter weather--something that is a distinct possibility for September in Nebraska.

If you tell a team from either of the coasts or the South that they would have to go to Nebraska in January or February to win the NC, they would likely forfeit the game. Throw in teams like Boise State, Wisconsin, etc. into the mix, and you're giving the teams in the Northern part of the USA a distinct advantage.

And anything that nullifies the recruiting advantage that the coasts and Texas have over other teams will happen over their dead, overly-tanned, drunk coed bodies.


In the immortal words of Gen. Montgomery: "This is pure poppycock."


Hey Sen. Hatch, do you have any ideas on how to improve the economy so the thousands, if not millions, of people in this country who have lost their jobs can go back to work? ... I didn't think so. ... You're too busy with more important issues, like trying to find a way for New Mexico's football team to play in a bowl game sponsored by chip company. Yet another exmaple of the government wasting the taxpayer's money. Until Sen. Hatch saves some jobs, then I say the hell with talking about college football in the senate.

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