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July 09, 2009


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"The leagues say they will continue to fight the system, which is laughable. It's impossible to change the system when you're part of it."

Jay, come on... give us a break. How on earth can the MWC and WAC not sign? We're totally caught between a rock and hard place.

Why has no one written a column about the fact that the Duke freakin' Blue Devils will get more cash out this deal that Utah?

This is a cartel. And then they have the gall to ask why we don't just man up "play a schedule like Nebraska did last year"

I'd love to see the mighty Huskers sing a home and home with my Horny Toads, but they won't, because we'd give them a bit too much to think about. Damned if you do...

Will Smithrock

The fact of the matter is that if the BCS is dissolved by governmental pressure, the old bowl system will be back in play--not a playoff. Under the old bowl system, the undefeated Utah team would have either played in the Holiday Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl. And they would have actually had a chance at being named national champion if they knocked off a team ranked high enough to warrant the respect. Bring back the old bowl system!


And who is the power behind the throne? None other than Disney sports that has the dollars that drive the whole system. How many of the new bowl games are created in partnership with ESPN? The $495 million came from where? And who sets the agenda for college football?

Just seems awfully goofy to me.


"The leagues say they will continue to fight the system, which is laughable. It's impossible to change the system when you're part of it."

Somebody failed their history courses.

There are two options of the MWC/WAC...take the funding, which is WAY more than they were getting in the past. Or don't...in which case, college football goes on and they get relegated to basic I-AA levels because they now have ZERO chance to play for a national title.

You realize if the BCS dissolves, we're just going to the old bowl lineup? Is that what you really want? A playoff is not happening. As long as the TV partners & the universities are making billions of dollars..it aint happening.

No playoff is worth enough to the SEC & the Big Ten. You don't mess with the billion-dollar goose egg.

The Wiz

If the BCS dissolves, would college football automatically default to the old bowl system? A hefty percentage of teams lose money in the current bowl system and by the time the MWC/WAC pay for their postseason trips under the new deal, they will be lucky to have 25 cents on the dollar. The only people who are guaranteed success in the bowl business are the bowls. (No wonder ESPN now sponsors six bowls.) The money is in a playoff.


Get the fans, get the money, earn the respect, and then maybe someone will start listening. You want the rest of college football to pay for your team. It's not the SEC/Big 12/Big 10 's problem you can't draw fans or draw viewers to TV. Once you do, it won't matter how good you are (see ND). You'll have the clout to demand whatever you want.


I must say, I have to agree with Sam. What do you expect these two conferences to do? Do you expect their members to vote solely in spite, to their financial detriment? As Dr. Saturday said on his blog, this would be spurning the good in favor of the perfect. With some schools in the Big Sky conference (admittedly further down the college athletics totem pole, but not too distant from the WAC) discussing getting rid of their football program, is this the best time to say the hell with financial gain in favor of a principled stand? You have to be smarter than that in my opinion. I would love to see a playoff, but to expect these two conferences to turn down an opportunity to make money is a bit ludicrous.

Secondly, I continue to think the possibility of government intervention in the BCS is about as likely as Mark Sanford running for president. Orrin Hatch is nothing but a grandstander, and should be an embarrassment to the state of Utah. Same goes for Joe Barton and his cast of clowns at the House hearing this spring. And they wonder why their approval rating is south of 20%?


Why take the popular bowl system and change it? Just to make some Boise State or Utah fans happy?

#1 vs. #2 is great and the debate is what makes it exciting. Making it "fair" will destroy what makes it interesting.

Bobby Fenton

"Popular" bowl system? I'm gonna have to say that might be a slightly inaccurate way to put it. And no, arguing about who should play in what games is not that fun. Watching actual football games with clearly defined implications is what is fun.

Either way, a 4-team playoff is where this thing is headed. It really wouldn't require all that much of a deviation from the current system. Just wait til the current contract runs out. Everything's gonna be fine in a few years.

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