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July 08, 2009


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How can they say they don't have access when they hadn't played in a major bowl since 1974 before they opened up the BCS?

I think this is all headed to the pre-BCS world where the big boys have their bowls and there isn't even a hint of a legit national champion, just a "mythical" one.

Great job Utah.


BCS comment: "[BCS lawyers] have worked diligently to ensure that the BCS is in compliance with the law."

Given that such matters depend on judgement and interpretation, what does this comment mean? That their lawyers have worked diligently to insist that their favorable judgement and interpretation is correct?

Of course they say they are in compliance. They're on the dole! Just because a lawyer advises their client that they believe they can defend an action with such-and-such an argument doesn't mean that that argument should stand.

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I cannot wait for the season to start! It will be here soon I guess :)

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