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August 20, 2009


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Where is the schedule. Oh, and where are the minorities? What with the salt flats and the players, I'm blinded by this poster.


I don't know what is a greater sign that we as a society have moved towards a more elightened state regarding race. That the nation as a whole elected an African American President, or that the one black guy they in Provo is now on the BYU poster!


That's actually a Tongan.


That's funny, the moment I saw the poster i wanted to comment on the single thing that struck my eye... and then I saw that three comments had already been made, all of them about the same thing I saw!

Too funny!

My comment now becomes the fourth, and notice how I didn't even have to describe or mention what it was I saw?

(P.S., there are several perfectly good reasons to be antagonized and opposed to the BYU football program, and to root for them to lose... maybe more than several, maybe lots of good reasons... but the reason we're alluding to here, is as good as any)

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