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August 13, 2009


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Penn State Clips

"The biggest loser at the moment is the Big Ten. The Alamo plans to end to its association with the conference but retain an agreement with the Big 12, which often sends a Texas-based team to San Antonio."

This could actually be a win for the Big Ten if they hook up with the Texas Bowl. The Houston media will give them puiblicity in a bigger recruiting base. Huge upgrade for that bowl, as this year they are matching the Big 12 against Navy, assuming the Middies are eligible.


Its about time some of these bowl matchups got a shake-up. We've had the same-old for too long. It would be nice to see the MWC or Big East get some better bowlgames too.


Hate to say this, but the Big Ten might as well be Siberia when it comes to Texas recruits. This is a loss for the Big Ten.

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