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August 31, 2009


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The funny part is the names of the people this guy places in coaching positions (it seems like he's an agent of some sort).

I follow college football as closely as the next person I guess, and I pride myself in following not just the top, but all the way into the ranks of the good and even just fair teams... and I follow not just head coaches, but coordinators and unit coaches too...

I guess it would be charitable to say that I have little opinion and hardly know anything about the coaches this agent seems to place (for bucks that hardly seem worth it), but screw charity, in light of what the story is about, I'd rather just go harsh, and say that this guy specializes in a network of losers and zeros, and he worms schmoozes or bribes his way into landing them high paying gigs at universities where nobody's watching the cash register very closely...

And he always gets his cut, like a good agent or co-conspirator does.


I don't blame Neinas, but the administrators at San Diego St. The lack of leadership in college athletics is simply staggering. What the hell do they get paid for?

Alpha Wolf

I will hardly come to the defense of Mr. Neinas, except to say that there are a number of institutions that are very happy that he conducted the initial negotiations and didn't leave it to the AD and his cronies.

One only has to compare the hiring of Sidney Lowe (after being turned down by several coaches) in basketball and the hiring of Tom O'Brien for football at NC State to see the difference. The athletic director managed the basketball search, and it was best described as a comedy of dunces. Neinas led the football coaching search, and it was efficient, quiet and ultimately very successful.

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