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September 16, 2009


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Bobby Fenton

Doesn't look like a big deal at all to me. I saw the guy push him, but I didn't see any punch.

What about the ridiculous 15-yard-penalty on Notre Dame after their go-ahead score, which helped set up Michigan's game winning score. Now THERE is an issue in college football. The game loses credibility when chickens--t, way too severe, non-football penalties like that end up determining the outcome of games after teams have fought hard for three and a half hours.

gerry dorsey

super lame. this kind of thing happens in the trenches and under piles all day.


This was the lighter of Michigan's many cheap shots during the game. Toast Cissoko slamming down Floyd was much worse and that wasn't called either.


are you kidding me, weak!!!! Bring something better to the table. That is not even close to cheap


He is the video of Cissoko, and it's right in front of the Big Ten ref.



wow... really? Come on now!


I still think the cheap shot by the Oregon thug has already won the "cheap shot of the year" award.

Jay Koester

Really, folks? A punch to the jaw is nothing? Looks pretty serious to me.


When does the year start? Are you saying that punch in the Oregon - Boise State game doesn't count?

Eddie Wilson

ND Center actually initiated this, but that is a clear-cut pop to the chin.

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