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September 11, 2009


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What? Can you blame Nebraska? Bill Callahan ruined what was the Top Program of the modern era (not of all time, mind you).


Damn Right! Keep that ass clown out of there!


What would you expect from a college ran by Republicans in a Republican state?An honest version of history?

Buff Enuff

At least they recognize that 62 point ass-wuppin CU put on them.

That's what really ruined that program

I.M. Bord

@Buff Enuf:

So what ruined your program?


here's what it should have look like.


Things Bother Me

That wasn't even the university's official schedule poster for the year. That's just a stupid poster that a radio network put out. You should try to find the real posters.

The Wiz

Things Bother Me:

Two requests were made with the Nebraska athletic department for a copy of their poster. They did not comply. Two Nebraska fans provided us with this poster. If you have the real poster, please forward a copy to me and I'll be happy to post it on the site.


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