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September 04, 2009


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Even though it's absolutely against all rules to strike another player the way Blount did, it's extreme to suspend him for what amounts to the entire last season of his college eligibility.

What he did was not only provoked (and that doesn't justify what he did, but simply helps to explain it, and he was certainly provoked by the other guy), but it was nothing to the other guy, it was a glancing blow really, I bet it didn't even leave a mark... but the punishment is lifetime in it's reach.

It's excessive to knock the guy off of what might have been an NFL track, just because he momentarily lost his head and threw a punch at the jaw of a Boise State player who was so in his face (and whacked him pretty good on the shoulder while taunting him), that the BSU Head Coach initially jumped in at his own player, because of what he did.

It's worthy of a suspension, but not for the whole season (not even if he would still have eligibility after the suspension, which he won't).

I'd like to think this suspension was sort of meant to send a loud and clear (and dramatic) signal to all other players not to ever do what Blount did... and with that signal sent loud and clear, after a week or two, I'd like to see Oregon give Blount a chance to appeal the suspension, and make a public apology (which he already did, and did it immediately after the incident, and seemed sincere to me in so doing), and if the Oregon HC and AD and even President agree, and maybe not only the BSU HC too but the player who provoked Blount also (he being the victim of something that maybe didn't even leave a mark on him), if they can all agree that Blount simply lost his head in a heated (and provoked) moment, maybe his suspension can be reduced, and he can return to play after several games.

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