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September 14, 2009


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Yeah - good luck with that.


Has this guy ever taken an online coarse? Does he know how hard it is to get motivated (at least it is for me)?

oc phil

This article is more than a decade out of date. This was a more realistic concern back then. The experience since then with those institutions (like the where I work) that have been experimenting with online courses and degrees is that they have a niche, but they can't replace the "real thing".

This same sort of alarm was raised back in the 1950's when they thought that television was going to replace live instructors.

Tan loves BYU Football!

It could happen. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not in 10 years, but someday.

What's it mean for college football though? Will the athletes of the future be the WoW players of today?


I think this article does a better job of explaining the internet's impact on college courses:


Venice Beach John

This is a really interesting article about a topic that I hadn't heard much about until now.

Even though today I can't imagine universities being hit as hard as newspapers are we can all agree that technological developments advance at a rapid pace. I would even say somewhat in line with Moore's Law.

Although I certainly don't see this being a threat to major universities in the next couple of decades it could certainly impact junior colleges and other less established institutions.

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