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September 03, 2009


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Congratulations to Boise State, you showed you were the much better team tonight, no questions asked... I am a Ducks fan and feel completely embarrassed for the end of game outburst by Blount. Regardless of his potential, I say the Ducks drop him and move forward.


Blount should be punished no doubt about it. But, the full video (there's a more extended version out there on Youtube) shows the Bronco pushing his shoulder and starting the talk. I think that is a little much as well.

Then it appears that the BSU fan in the crowd calls him the N word. Am I wrong?


With regard to Blount's last altercation with the fans, I also noticed the same thing...it looked like the tallish fan called him a short word...we can only hope it wasn't the N word, but it very well could have been. If that is the case, what a sad state of affairs. Blount going apeshit. Racist rednecks. We're gonna hear a lot more about this, I suspect. I bet it will be all over the place tomorrow. Its so sad - for Blount, the fans, and everybody who saw the punch on TV.

What is especially sad, is that this could end Blount's career, and I wouldn't wish that on any of these young people who work so hard to play this game. I heard that family issues had Blount out of camp for a long time. Rumor also has it that he had been punished for breaking team rules. I think his shot at the NFL might have gone up in smoke. What a lesson. Yow.

Jay Christensen

Thanks for pointing out the other video, wheaton4prez and TyAdCo. I just added it. Hout clearly shares the blame here. The second video shows the fans.


I don't care what Hout did, you don't throw a punch. Blount should be gone, period.

I am very ashamed of my team right now.

legarrette blount


Jay Koester

Sorry, Blount, there aren't any excuses for a sucker punch and going after fans. Fans yell mess all day long; you have to deal with it. Blount endangered his whole team out there. Can't believe I just heard Brent Musberger say he deserves only a two-game suspension. He needs to be gone.

Thomas Jones

This guy was in the heat of battle with his adrenaline flowing a thousand miles an hour...this stuff happens, especially with competitors...will leave this up to the coaches.


Go Boise Sate!!!


ive been working SEC sidelines for 32yrs..tomorrow will start my 33rd yr and i can tell you what they say to each other before during and after EVERY play will curl your hair. NOTHING that is said..EVER warrants a punch..EVER..NOTHING!!!!!!!! blount got exactly what he should have gotten! am i wrong but didnt blount say that boise deserved an a$$ whoopin? ill bet the boise player referred to blounts statement when he tapped his shoulder.. for those panty wipes who say the touching deserved a punch then you dont understand what goes on on the field after the game...

Howard Stern

Definitely deserves the suspension, an act which crossed the line and could have caused a near state of riot.

However, Boise St. dude got pwned!


If someone yelled a racial slur to Blount, someone should point that out because that would somewhat explain Blount's intense reaction.

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