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October 26, 2009


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lol what assholes...why are you going for a two point conversion when the other team has 0 points and you're up 3 TDs?

Jay Koester

Amen. Even worse: Watch us show off while we do it. It's so fun to humiliate our opponent.


Hey, it's up to the other team to stop it, not Centrals job to go out there and just take a knee, get a life and learn something about football, probably never played football and sitting here being a judge..what a bunch of losers.


No Tommy, you dickweed, I, like a lot of people, played football, and coached it too. The first 2 comments here are correct. If indeed the game has been decided, you do the classy thing, and kick the extra point. You never, ever show up your opponent. From your post, I am pretty sure you are the loser, and should get a life.


Apparently the score was 13-0 in the first quarter when this occurred. There is also a history between the Zachary head coach and the Central program - he was last year's offensive coordinator and likely scripted the play while at Central.

Extra info that may lead you to believe this is not the horrible act of unsportsmanlike conduct that some seem to think it is...

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