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October 07, 2009


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Two things--one, the Big XII wouldn't be in this mess if Texas wasn't such a prissy belladonna and blocked the Big XII Office (a.k.a. the University of Texas Irving Extension office) from exploring a television channel (or merger with existing conference-themed channels).

Two, these are some of the same schools that decided to screw the big power of the day (read; Nebraska) when the Big XII was formed by siding with the Texas schools regarding division of television contracts, Prop 42 kids, and the overall conference alignment. If anything, what goes around comes around--Nebraska is looking like it's regaining it's former prestige, and those that sold out to the Texas conference killers are getting their (just?) deserts.


Its called capitalism baby! Win & you make money. Lose and you don't. It's pretty simple. Texas makes that money because they win 10 games a year. Iowa State doesn't. Period, end of story.

There are plenty of teams out there without Texas-sized budgets (Boise, TCU, Cincinnati to name a few) that are doing just fine. Im tired of reading about crappy team blaming the money. Especially Colorado...its not Texas' or Nebraska's fault that Colorado hired Gary Barnett and then hired Dan Hawkins.


I once heard the Big 12 TV contract doles out part of the money based on how often a team appears on television. So if Texas is on tv on a week ISU isn't, then the Longhorns get like $150,000 more than the Cyclones in just one week.

If the northern teams start asking for much more revenue sharing, I am sure Utah, TCU, Houston, BYU, or many other teams would love to switch places.

The Wiz

It is true that the Big 12 divides much of its television revenue according to appearances. Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard lobbied for Big 12 to change its policy and adopt the Big Ten model, where teams share all TV revenue equally. He was shot down.

Here are links to two previous posts dealing with this:



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