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October 26, 2009


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I think the refs in the SEC need to have a long meeting and go over HOW TO CORRECTLY CALL A GAME!! How much $$ are they getting from the SEC to keep Florida and Alabama at the top of the rankings?


Every play is subject to review resulting in the refs not making calls on the field and just leaving the decision up to the replay. Meanwhile, the replay official is basing the decision off of a DVR of the game and limited camera options.


Watched the replay on Sun Network which replays FSU and UF games with their own cameras. They had 3 angles that showed the player crossing the goal that were all better than the ESPN shot. Almost certainly, the player crossed the goal line with the ball. Only if you had a camera on the goal line from the player's right could one, with certainty, see both the ball and the player crossing the goal line. But I'd guess 80 to 90% of people who watched Sun Net's shot would say the player crossed the goal with the ball. How the MSU coach could say the replay people should be suspended for failing to overturn based on ESPN's replays is absurd.

The MSU coach should be suspended for faking a punt from his own 20 against a lightening fast D in a 3 point game, IMO. That, as much as any single play, cost MSU a chance to win that game.


the question isn't whether he crossed the goal but did he have control of the football....and the answer is NO!!!!!!


I'm positive that 80-90% of the people that watch the Sun Network live in Florida. The fake punt is excusable because Dan Mullen needed a big play to spark the offense. It was a hard fought game from both sides. By the way how is your bandwagon coming along?


the ball is clearly not in his hand when he first crosses the goal line, so that tells me that obviously he didnt have control of it just before he crossed...enough said.

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