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November 03, 2009


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Poor writing by the Indianapolis Star columnist. Those bad calls, and they were bad, only cost Indiana 7 points. They scored on the very next play on one of the calls. He is being extremely literal in his explanation. But, it paints an innacurate picture. Indiana was so overmatched in the fourth quarter Iowa may have come back from even more than Northwestern did the previous week.

This was a hangover game from Michigan State. Look for things to be different on Saturday, despite the mounting injuries.


You sometimes have to wonder what replay officials are looking at.

Bobby Fenton

The fix is in! The Big Ten knows Iowa is their ticket back to national prominence and will stop at nothing to ensure that Iowa stays undefeated! Conspiracy! [/The Wiz]


Hey Wiz, I'm sure it's coming, but you're going to post the video of Spikes getting eye-gouged in the first quarter of the UF/UGA game, right? I mean, after the vitriol you spit out yesterday, I'm sure you'll be just as righteous in pointing out what provoked him, yes?

Anybody is curious, it's over at sportsbybrooks.

Bobo Puffels

I remember blowing off the "NBA games are fixed by the refs" crowd, until the truth cam out they were right. Now, after seeing the UF/Arkie and Indiana/Iowa games, I am 100% convinced college football is rigged.


What was controversial about the UM - UI call? The player was clearly down before the goal line. Freeze frame at 1:39 shows this.

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