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November 10, 2009


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J Reed

But the question is and always will be "Did he have complete possession of the ball"?

J Reed

One more thing, "Did Julio Jones (Alabama receiver) touch the ball before Peterson"? If so he had a foot out of bounds.


Well, the first question is, did the replay officials have access to this photo? And if the question about the INT wasn't definitively and indisputably answered with the CBS television angles, then what does this actually mean other than that CBS needs to add another angle?


man you need to move on. That was 70 yards away from the Alabama goal and LSU had nine (9) yards of offense in the 4th quarter. It didn't matter.


Show the one where Jarrett Lee shakes of a 1 of 7 effort and drives the ball 70 yards to win the game without the help of Charles Scott.


BS!! This picture shows NOTHING!! Can you prove that his foot is on the ground in this photo? NO because it isn't! Besides...get over it..game over!

Tony Hudson

This is a good view but you need to go back to 1:43 sec. on the tape to see Julio touch the ball and he was clearly out of bounds.(PLAY OVER) Rule in hanbook Article 3.a

Leroy Jenkins

I feel sorry for the LSU players and fans, but the real loosers are the true NCAA football fans. Do you smell that stench from the SEC Office? They're the ones trying to ruin this great game. I truely feel sorry for some Alabama fans and the need they feel inside to go post on rival's message boards about this obvious INT. Even Eli Gold thought it was an INT. Just because he didn't tuck the ball away doesn't mean he didn't have possession. Who knows what LSU would have done, it isn't like Lee hasn't come off the bench before and made a last drive for the win.


Where was this picture/footage during the game? I agree it provides more evidence but if the refs didn't see it then so what? They can only judge the evidence they see. The footage that was given was not the greatest for this call and some would say that it shows Jones touching the ball while out of bounds. It would have been a judgment on the part of the replay official and that's not the replay official is supposed to do. I thought it was an INT; I have friends who don't think it was.

Bad calls are made in every game. Was the lack of a PI call on J. Jones in the end zone part of the great conspiracy? Where's the reference to the failure of the refs to notice that an lsu player touched a punt at the three or four, knocking it to the goal line where the ball was then placed?

Those calls effected the outcome? But they don't fit into some agenda about the great conspiracy to get Alabama and Florida in the Championship Game. I am sure there were a number of holding calls not made on either side of the ball.

As an Alabama fan, I thought that night it was an int. I wish he was given credit for it; it was a hell of a play. I am of the opinion that it wouldn't have mattered a bit, but we will never know. Just like we will never know if Alabama would have run the ball from the 3 or 4 preventing a safety (and the ensuing TD) and we will never know if Alabama would have scored a TD if the refs judgment was different on the non-PI on Jones in the end zone.

I guess we'll just have to argue/whine about it.

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