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November 29, 2009


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I agree...pretty classless on Carroll's part and even more so after whining about Harbaugh going for two.


Harbaugh's action was unprovoked.

Carroll was content to kneel it out and end the game until Ricky called timeout. UCLA wanted to keep playing, so Pete obliged.


"UCLA wanted to keep playing, so Pete obliged."

Bingo. There's no hypocrisy or classlessness by Carroll on this one; he had every right to do that.


Actually, there is separation between Carroll and Harbaugh - Carroll's was worse, because he had been whining about this type of thing just a couple weeks ago. So Harbaugh's move was bush league, but Carroll's move was bush league and hypocritical. By the way, I love it when USC fans try to justify it by claiming that Neuheisel started it (which just doesn't make sense). Mom didn't buy that argument when Pete was 8, and the public won't buy it now.


Pete Carrol is no Tom Osborne... that's for sure.


Show me where Carroll whined about Harbaugh's 2-point try. He never said anything negative about it - on the contrary, he said that Harbaugh had every right to do that. It was some USC fans that were whining.


Really Wiz, I thought you knew football better. Pete took a knee on first down, he was more than happy to be classy and let the game end. Rick took the TO, thought there was game left to be played so Pete obliged. It's the UCLA D players that thought SC would take a knee or run it into the line that should be embarrassed. Why should USC just give the ball back to UCLA with 40 seconds left? By the way, if Barley connects on that pass at any other point in the game they would celebrate like that and no one would care, but in the last minute they should act glum about a 50 yard bomb?


By the way, which team was at midfield and knocked a ref over and which stayed behind the numbers?

Q-tip motha

WVU fan here

When your team is down by 14 points with less than a minute to go in the game, and there's practically no chance in hell of winning it...don't call the time out. Not that I'm a big fan of Carroll's or USC, but I would've made the same call to burn them. If they want to be a glutton for punishment, why not oblige?

Carroll did the classy thing initially.

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