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November 07, 2009


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Brent Lawson

The LSU defender did not have COMPLETE possession of the football until he came down out of bounds. Seriously, what is your beef with Alabama?


The only people that see indisputable evidence in that replay are LSU fans and Gary Danielson. And Danielson because he saw dirt come up (although he kept improvising about where the dirt came from when his first theories were disproven), apparently not aware that the sideline is not artificial turf. I'm not an LSU fan nor an SEC fan, but there was insufficient evidence to overturn under the standard required.


That was a pick even in the NFL where you need two feet in bounds. The SEC has about as much credibility to me now as professional wrestling or the NBA.


Everyone is talking about the feet being down and ignoring the other half of the equation. When did he have "possession and control" of the ball? Rule 2-2-7
Next question is where is the video evidence that clearly shows his foot inbounds? That one doesn't.

The Wiz

I don't see where this is such a tough call, gentlemen. He clearly has both feet inbounds (only one is needed) and is already cradling the ball when his second foot touches inbounds. Possession is never a question. He had the ball all the way.

Watch the toe of the left foot scrape the turf. Clearly in.

Bobo Puffels

Week after week, there is over-whelming video evidence that incorrect calls are intentionally being made. After what we all thought about crooked NBA refs was proven correct, anyone who thinks college football isn't fixed is intellectually dishonest.


Even if that was a pick, what makes you think LSU was just going to march down the field and score a touchdown. They did zero in the fourth quarter against the Bama D. AT BEST, LSU got robbed of an interception call but it is seriously stretching it to say they got robbed of the game.


Julio touched the ball first and he was standing out of bounds. It doesn't matter what the LSU defender did afterwards. It's a dead ball.


Ummmm...That's a pick. Even on Sundays. The defender shielded the Bama receiver from the ball and had two feet in. Those who don't see that should visit their optometrist.

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